How to Create Backlinks – 8 Simple Ways to Create Backlinks

How to Create Backlinks – 8 Simple Ways to Create Backlinks

Backlinks are incoming links or inbound links that are created when one website or webpage links to another. It is an incoming link from an external site to specific webpage or website. Any Webmaster would naturally want their website or webpage to be seen in the first page of search engine results like Google. Having an effective backlinking making strategy is one way to achieve this objective. So, we discuss at ten simple steps on how to create backlinks for your website.
But with the following strategies, it’s possible to build a back link profile that will help you to improve your rankings and have a lasting and positive impact on search visibility.
Read all the backlink building techniques and find out how to get high backlinks to your website:

Broken Link Building

The broken link building is an ideal way to create one way back links. This technique is easy to apply. Contact a webmaster of a particular website and report about broken links on their website and suggest some links to replace them. Naturally, mention your webpage or website link as well. As you are doing a favor to webmaster by reporting their broken links, there is a lot possibility of getting a link back to your website and another way is to find out broken link and manually replace a link by your link. 
Broken Link Building
But for building broken links you find broken links in the first place? Well, that is easy. Find relevant sites in your niche. For e.g., if you have an Technical website, you search for Technical + links on the search engine. You will need the help of a tool such as “Check my links.” Using this tool, you can discover all the 404-links from the particular page.

Through Infographics

Pictures can say better than words. Infographics are nice way to get quality backlinks. The benefit of using Infographics is that they are easy to understand and share. Infographics are not very expensive to create. A well designed Infographic can fetch you handsome awards. An interesting design and lots of data are what you need to get started. Make your content got viral to get a massive flow of traffic back to your site. 
Use various embedding codes to enable people to share your Infographics. Reach out to people using Emails and ask for feedback. Never ask for a backlink directly, You will get them automatically if people access the content.

Guest Articles

Guest blogging is a easy method to get your content viral to reach new peoples and win more exposures. This technique enables you to create quality back links but also helps to increase your social media followers and enhance your online reputation. You can contribute to authority sites and seek a back link in return. 
Guest Articles
Social media is a nice place to publish your guest article. You have been sure that your articles links to social media profiles. It ensures that people follow you simply if they like your posts.

Build Internal Links

You need a user friendly site with easy to use interface for people to like it. If people easily navigate through a website, it becomes popular. One of the simplest way to do so is to build internal links. Having internal links on your blog or site ensures that people need not search for information. Your internal links can direct them to the appropriate content or location with ease. You have numerous tools that can automatically create internal links on your blogs, but you must know how to create backlinks manually. A good internal linking tactics can help you get quality back links or inbound links.

Spy on your competitors

One of the easiest ways to create backlinks for Search Engine Optimization is to be stay upto date with your competitors’ online marketing methods/strategies. Keep a watch into their link building strategy and content marketing methods/strategies. If the backlink works for them, they will surely work for you as well. Set Google alerts on your site when your competitors publish a new content on their websites. Understand how they promote their sites. Use some of the strategies detailed in this article such as Guest blogging on their sites to seek quality backlinks. 
Spy on your competitors
Use quality spying tools like ahrefs, Monitor Backlinks to help you in this endeavor. These tools help you to keep track of all the back links your website earns. This is the easiest way for creating quality backlinks.


Donating to non profit organizations is an coolest way to get backlinks. This method is the easiest and quickest one of all. All you have to do is to find sites in your niche that accepts donations. Make your donation and write your site URL. You will surely get a backlink within no time.

Promote your Content

You might write a good article about something. But how would your prospective readers know that? Hence, it becomes difficult for you to promote your content online. Unless people are aware of your article, there is no way to get organic traffic or you will be able to reach the top position in your niche. So, Online promoting your content is the only way out. You may contact bloggers or sites that run weekly, monthly or quarterly roundups. 
Promote your Content
Contact such webmasters and introduce your website or blog to them. If they find anything useful, your site links can find a mention in the next weekly roundups. Bloggers are always be in search of good content. However, never make the mistakes of seeking links directly. Such strategies usually backfire. Promoting your content online is one of the best ways how to create back links for your site.

Write testimonials

Writing testimonials is a nice way to earn back links from authority sites. Spending a few minutes to write a quality testimonial can do your website a world of good. If you are a customer of that particular product, your testimonial has a greater chance of getting a back link. You can make backlinks free using this method.

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