How to Improve your Organic CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Improve Your Organic Click-Through Rate

CTR is the metric expressed ratio that defines the number of users who click on specific advertisement, Email, Links or search results versus the number of times it has been viewed.
Some examples where CTR is measured:
  • Call-to-action button or link in an Email
  • Organic result on a SERP page
  • Face book display advertisement
  • Any website element, such as a button, image, headline, etc.

In this CTR Post, you’ll learn about:

  1. CTR (Click-Through Rate): Understanding Click-Through Rate
  2. How to Improve your Organic CTR?
When you want to increase your Click-Through Rate, then it is important to know about the techniques which are really helpful in increasing your CTR. You definitely know that CTR is related with Quality score, and if your quality score is going up then there is higher chances of your position in search engine will also go up. But not so fast. Here is 5 Simple Ways which is really helpful in increasing your CTR.

5 Simple Ways to Increase CTR (Click-Through Rate)

Increase CTR, Steps for Increasing CTR
These are 5 simple techniques which help you to increase your Website Click-Through Rate. Before applying this techniques you must read these techniques carefully. So the techniques are:-

1- Search long relevant keywords

Long tail Keywords is a necessary part of SEO, it helps in increasing your Click-Through Rates. Long tail keywords

2- Put Your Main Keyword in Your URL

It was easy to put you targeted keyword in your URL, It attract more visitors to your site. There are many sites that didn’t pay attention towards their display URL. So it is better to put your targeted keyword in URL.

3- First Letter Capital

Which looks better?
how to increase your website traffic?
Increase Your Website Traffic – EcyberPlanet
Surely Second one is better.
This factor also attracts visitors to your link and increase CTR.

4- Use of Symbols

Symbols can attract visitors. It makes your link different from others. The Symbols may be from ©opyright , ®egistered trademarks, (parentheses), exclamation marks (!), dollar $ign$, or any other symbol.

 5- Look At the Competition

While selecting keywords you should look at the competition at that keyword. It you are using keyword that is already used by many websites, and then the chances of going on top search results will reduced and CTR will also get reduce.
Note: – To increase Email Click-Through Rate, avoid using phrases like ‘click here’ as click-through text because it makes your subscribers nothing about what’s they are going to see on the other side of the link.   


To get the best results, you need to look each of these ways individually.

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