Cyberzine Cyberzine is basically a magazine which is available on internet or a magazine published on the Internet. Cyberzines are not mainly feature print versions or may or may not be subscription oriented. Cyberzine, Cyberzine definition, Cyberzine meaning, What is cyberzine, Define cyberzine, Cyberzine Wikipedia


Cyber Cyber is a word used in a growing number of terms to explain new things that are being made possible by the expansion of the use of computers. Anything related to the Internet & network also falls under the Cyber category. Words with the Cyber Prefix Cybersecurity, for example, is an security from Internet …

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What is Cybersecurity ? Computer security, Cybersecurity or IT security (Information Technology Security) is the protection of computer systems which are connected through internet from theft or damage to their software, hardware or electronic data, as well as from misdirection of the services they provide. It also refers to the preventative methods used to protect …

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Cybercrime   Cybercrime is the crime that involves a computer or Smartphone and a network. The computer may have been used in doing a crime, or it can be the target. In simple words – Cybercrimes may be defined as: ‘Offences that are committed by individual or a group against individuals or groups of individuals …

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