Students of class 9th and 11th will get general promotion in MP

School Exam Madhya Pradesh – In view of the severity of COVID-19 infection by the School Education Department, the students of classes 9th and 11th of the session 2019-2020 have been promoted (General Promotion).

In this regard, Commissioner Smt. Jayshree kiawat issued instructions to the Joint Director of all the divisions and District Education Officers of all the districts .

Smt. Kiawat has said that supplementary eligibility students should be promoted and passed in this unexpected transition period in the examination.

What about Non Government Schools?

Also, in all non-government schools where the annual examinations of 9th and 11th have been completed on or before March 19 and the examination results have been declared or not done, all the students of 9th and 11th have been declared qualified and passed by general promotion. The students with supplementary eligibility, as the case may be, admit admission in class 9th to 10th and class 11th to class 12th so that the students can concentrate and start preparing for the next class. Including the Padmudra of the Principal, marking in different colors inks or by sealing in relation to the general examination the annual results of such students of all schools in the examination results, progress sheets / mark sheets / transfer certificates, be signed.

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