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Rupee4click Review : – Hello friends and welcome to our official website In today’s post, we will see about an online earning website named Rupee4click, and find out whether it is real or fake. We are sure that you’d like to ask some questions about Rupee4click website, such as what Is Rupee4click Website?, Is Rupee4click Website is Real or fake?, Rupee4click Website is safe or not?, Is is Real or fake, how does Rupee4click Works? and many more others.

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about Rupee4click Website. Please share your Experience and feedback to help others after finding your queries. Your feedback and Experience will help number of other people who do not know about this App. So friends, let’s start by moving this post forward.

What is Rupee4click website?

You may heard or watch an advertisement about an online earning website named Rupee4click. It is a website which claims that anyone can earn thousands of rupees by completing captchas, completing offers, clicking ads and referring new members. Here we are not talking about their offers, but we are still analyzing that Rupee4click website is a Legit or fake website.

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Is Rupee4click website is Safe? No, it is not. There are many reasons, for example, poorly created website, no information of the owner and founder, no registration details and many more. The red flag found on that site is explained below. We do not recommend Rupee4click for earning online, stay away from it and never share your information with them.

If You want a Quick Review of Rupee4click website we recommend you to stay away from that website. For reasons read the complete article.

Why Rupee4click website is unsafe?

Date of Creation:

When we checked We found that it was registered on 20th November 2020. The name of owner and contact details has not been provided.


Rupee4click is not officially made. They have placed things in wrong pattern which is common among fraudulent sites. Because they are running many similar websites and when the purpose of that site is over, they will create the same site with a different name.


Rupee4click offers very lucrative plans, this is a very common trick use by fraudsters to trap users.

No Registration Details:

When we review Rupee4click we don’t find any registration details for Rupee4click.

Rupee4click Contact Details:

If in Future if you want to make contact with Rupee4click, you can contact them via email. It is a One sided contact. If you send them a message or query, there is no guarantee of getting a single reply.

It is not possible to make any type of Contact with them.

Owner Information:

Nobody knows about the owner of Rupee4click. If that website does not inform about its owner and operator on its official website, you cannot find out who is actually running Website. Fraudsters cover their personal identity and details for the fear of catching up.

The information of the owner is not present on the site. It means nobody knows the person behind this site. This is the most common characteristics of the fraud site.


Rupee4click is a unsafe website, we advise you to do not use that site.

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63 thoughts on “Rupee4click | Real or Fake”

  1. Ashish Kumar Agarwal

    I loved this article very much. Someone just msged3 out of the blue a link to this site. So I reviewed this site on Google Thanks. There is another site I hope you can verify for me and other people like me

    1. Ravi Shankar Mikkili

      I am in confusion about this rupee4click, your article clarify my doubts. Thankyou. Suggest some genuine captcha typing sites. thankyou.

      1. No need of any confusion it is a fake I think so because the testing of that website was not done properly and moreover when we mailed to them the delivery to that recipent was failed not got single reply also. Don’t believe this.

    1. Ravi Shankar Mikkili

      I am in confusion about this rupee4click, your article clarify my doubts. Thankyou. Suggest some genuine captcha typing sites. thankyou.

    2. don’t fall in trap on such fake site. work with a good mlm company which is product based and working internationally. if you wish to know more please call me on 9730884208
      Name: Nikhil Patil

      1. Hello Nikhil ji,
        Aap Rupee4click ke bare me kuch bata sakte hai?
        aapne fake q kaha hai?
        kya aapne is site par kam kiya hai?
        Pls detail send kijiye.


        1. hi,

          I have worked on this site. I accumulated Rs 5000 on my wallet because the minimum amount to be earned to withdraw money on this site is Rs 5000. When I went to withdraw my money the site asked me to do fraud verification and tax verification. They have not explained how to do both of these things. Moreover, I tried sending an email to the email id mentioned on their website, but there was no response. Therefore, I feel like believing that this website is fake.


    i want updted educational programmes on you tube because in covid 19 all childrens are playing on ground and mini lockdown is there in maharastra andhra pradesh and many more states

  3. This a fraud website because I have registered in this website and after 5 day when i try to login it seems to be wrong password when i send recovery mail no mail comes. I have tried with another mail. The same happens. Fraud website

    1. yes same happened with me.which categorically proves that it’s a fake website , only to make innocent people fool & hack their bank accounts when they will share their details.

  4. Utter Fake.. Just another Scam
    This turns out to be utter fake, just another one of those scams..I had completed the minimum thresh hold of Rs 5000 as per the policy and requested payout. After 24 hrs of review. I saw that the payment was put in “pending” as they required me to have a minimum of 50 clicks which i completed, 10 referrals which i also completed. and 20 applications to be neither viewed or downloaded some of which apparently do not work and only work on mobile apps and not pc’s. which to me seems impossible. Once having completed these three criteria one is required to download a so called tax form and enter thier PAN details for release of payment. The moment you do that and wait till the next status, you find that you are unable to log in with your password. To which i presume they have blocked the account. When i tried to contact them through the website for reset of password i get this message”Sorry,it seems that my mail server is not responding, please try again later”..I even tried to send a mail to asia@rupee4click which is listed on the website but i got a mail-bounce. As a last ditch effort i tried the customer service numbers which i found on google 9353982311 & 7318844196 i got no response even after 48 hours.
    Please do not fall for this wasting your time,money & energy. For more through this site:
    ecyberplanet. A special thanks to you guys for alerting

  5. Its a Fake And Fraud… I Have typed two days captha and Data Entry… So 2000rs I Have Earned They Showed To Me… But The Third Day Does Not Opening The Id Its Showing Wrong Password… If I Opened another id With another Gmail link… Its cmg from Beginning

  6. Hi! I’ve been working on that site for a week now and yesterday i have a trouble on entering my account because it always say that my password is incorrect. Today it’s back to normal now and i am about to pay out because i earn 3000+rs and i hope that it will pay me. I going to wait for 72hours to see if they will pay me.

    1. if you requested for pay out, your transaction will be pending and ask for some more step to complete (make 25 referal, 100 referal click, 10 app installs .. etc ). No doubt it is fake website.

  7. To resolve the whole issue, payment receivers from rupee4click should mention their name and phone nos openly.

    so that others can clarify their doubts directly.

    1. Its total fake..i hv already made money of 5000.but not received..its totaly fake.pls dont forward this app to anybody its fraud fake..

  8. one of my friend got payment as well his earning was 5k and in return he got 3,3 k now he suggested me i am confused to go for it or not because i saw his doing the orocess of claiming amount he got after 3 days now it is credited

  9. Rupees4click is totally fraud..i hv completed my task.but not received any money.i hv sent a request to them but no reply..its scam..pls dont use rupee4click its total time waste..we r opening this site on that this people r getting money.they r making u fool..

  10. Recent Payouts
    Invoice # Method Amount Date Submitted Date Sent Status
    1571771 Google Pay ₹5454 2020-12-17 Unpaid Pending in the last it shows pending why the amount is pending.that means it total fake ..

    1. Rupee4click is a clear fraud website.maine 5k bank transfer ke liye apply kia to uske bad se wo website khula hi password sahi dene k bad bhi worng dikha raha hai.plz dont waste your time .faltu ghatia website hai

  11. No it is a fake website because even i tried it for 10 days and it showed that there was 5000 balance in my account and to receive that amount we have to send referral links to 100 members and make 25 referrals and install 10 apps.Totally that was a fake one

  12. Hello… I started this bez one of my frnds frnd eared 3k…and she got money but after I completed 5k I request to fast payout but after waiting 24 hrs I didn’t get any money.. waste of time..😑😑😑 😐😕😕

  13. I too finished all tasks, earned 5000/- and asked for payout. I got similar reply to finish referral, and social media tasks and to fill out tax forms…I’m not going to do that as it’s obviously a waste of time as mentioned by many in the above comments. I would love to do genuine and paying captcha entry jobs and copy paste jobs if available

  14. Yes rupee4click is fake website they are earning for there own profite but not giving the earnings as per their commitmentin India there are many cyber crimes but cybercrime law in India they are not applicable even after seeing and receiving the evidence and that is the reason their daily growing and many people are working and spending their hard earned time to get some income but at the end they don’t get the income.
    Their email account does not active de bounce on the first page they show that is a private limited company but when you create the account at the stage of receiving the money they say the how to do a fraud verification and in that particular for verification the company’s name showing rupee fore click LLC that made this company is not based in India they are cheating with the Indian Government and Indian government is also losing their revenue from company earnings why the cyber crime people are sleep till today and why they are not taking the action this answer is required from Mr Vijayendra Kamble

  15. Its fake once you reach the withdrawal amount they have different set of conditions
    And the 3rd condition can almost never be completed because even if u download 100s of apps this website don’t even count a single so its definitely fake


    Hi everyone I also have a problem with this site, I was supposed to get my earnings unfortunately I didn’t get it they says I must fill the ground verification form and and download the tax form.which I failed.please assist me

  17. After all above comments and discussion i will take back my step to work in 4rupee especially for this that after 5000 there are pending status of payments..i also think that there is no genuine company providing such a price for captcha and databentry and huge works daily.. so thanks for all to above persons who commented and shared there expiriences…but freinds i have one more site of online works from there i am making money and also whithdrawl.. whoever wants to earn online they can contact me on

  18. Thanks for your guidance but i wanted to start work from home data entry work or MS office related work so please suggest which website is safe

  19. It’s totally fake website, I am not getting my money which I hv earned due to fraud verification. All tasks had been completed but how to complete apps download task, tried a lott but no results and no response. Fake totally fake. Pls do not involve in this guys.

  20. Bad site, they make you believe that when you reach your minimun level for payment , which is 5000 rupees you can cash out, i did reach my level of 5000 rupees, i made my withdrawel request and the following day i am instructed that no my payment is being reviewed because now suddenly i must have 100 clicks 25 refferals est, this site is time wasting and dishonest. Dont waist your time with this app Rupee4click.

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