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2048 Cards Real or Fake | Complete Review

2048 Cards App Review – Hello friends and welcome to our official website Ecyberplanet.com. In today’s post, we will see about an android application named 2048 Cards App, and find out whether it is real or fake. We are sure that you’d like to ask some questions about 2048 Cards App, such as what is 2048 Cards App?, Is 2048 Cards game is Real or fake?, 2048 Cards App is safe or not?, Is 2048 Cards is Fake or real, how does 2048 Cards App Works? and many more others.

2048 Cards Real or Fake
2048 Cards Real or Fake

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about 2048 Cards App. Please share your Experience and feedback to help others after finding your queries. Your feedback and Experience will help number of other people who do not know about this App. So friends, let’s start by moving this post forward.

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What is 2048 Cards App?

You may heard about an android app named 2048 Cards App. It is an app which claims that anyone can earn thousands or rupees from home by playing game.

2048 Cards is a solitaire game, in which you have to merge cards with the same number. When you have two identical cards, they will form a single card with double the number for which you will get coins or cash rewards. The target is to unlock the card 2048. Here We are not talking about that app qualities, but we’re still analyzing that 2048 Cards app is a good or bad App?

2048 Cards is Real or Fake:

If you want a quick review of 2048 Cards App, we advise that currently it is doubtful.

2048 Cards Review:

  • Name – 2048 Cards : Merge Solitaire, 2048 Solitaire (Early Access)
  • Status – Doubtful
  • Category – Casual
  • Language – English
  • Developer – Bowling App
  • Support – [email protected]

Its very Doubtful that 2048 Cards games really pays is real or fake. Maybe they pay some of their users to show their app is genuine. You must not expect to earn any money or reward with that game.

We take a look at many reviews on Google Play store and other app stores, and I was not shocked to find so many complaints against them. After reviewing so many apps and games, I know how they work.

So, what should you expect from 2048 Cards Game? Well, according to the game, players can get payout when they reach 200$.

In cards 2048 game when you may think that you are close to getting paid, whether that is a sum of money or a cool gadget. But as soon as you get near payment, the developers of game cut you off. That is the system they have in place.

That business model is designed to get add many people to watch as many advertisements as possible. They then make all the money from advertisements, while users gain nothing but waste there time.

2048 Cards Pros and Cons:


  • Addictive Game
  • Easy to play interface


  • Network Errors.
  • Lots of Ads.
  • Higher Battery Consumption

So according to our review 2048 Cards is Not a safe App.

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    • I have completed all cards cashed out 200,300,500,600,800,1000 some pending some saying paid scammed again! DON’T PLAY THIS GAME SO FAKE! HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY RECEIVED THERE WINNINGS FOR WATCHING BLOODY VIDEOS!!!!

  1. I made it to $200 and finished the goals then I cashed out $500 and $300 they said it takes 10-15 days come into my PayPal account. I don’t see nothing in my PayPal account yet. I think this game is a scam. Google store needs to do something about these fake scam games that promise to earn money or gift cards it’s a waste of time and false advertising.

    • Hi. I’m at the point where I withdraw $200 and it’s pending, said I have to finish watching 100 videos to activate order. Are you doing that step too? I’m digging on reviews on this app and one of them said “balance went to zero” and I’m worried if that means my Paypal balance that went zero instead, as in they steal your money instead? Or maybe just the balance in the 2048 that went to zero but no money received? I’m sorry, I just wonder whether I should continue on this app or not. So my question is, are your money in your Paypal safe and not stolen?

      • Hey i did the steps that they asked and after they asked me to tell my real emailadress that i use paypal with (i did that too) i got an email 1 minute later that my paypal account was in danger (it was a false email from them trying to get my log in data)
        Everybody should delete that app it is scam and they try to steal your log in data and your money.

        Also i watched 200 ads for nothing besides of wasting my time it did nothing for me . Only false promises!

        I hope that helps you

  2. I made it to $200 and finished the goals then I cashed out $300 and $300
    two time they said it takes 10-15 days come into my PayPal account. I don’t see nothing in my PayPal account yet. I think this game is a scam. Google store needs to do something about these fake scam games that promise to earn money or gift cards it’s a waste of time and false advertising.

  3. i have 3 at $300 2 at $500 and 1 at $600 3 of them say processing and 3 say pending, and i completed all tasks. i have’nt recieved jack s..t and i have left messages on the contact us logo and the email is this site that says they probably are fradulant. so who the f..k is who. i need the owner of that games contact info so i can get to the bottom of it.i really hope they enjoy tacking advantage of people when they are trying to make a few dollars more to help them out in these trying times.

    • I have completed all cards cashed out 200,300,500,600,800,1000 some pending some saying paid scammed again! DON’T PLAY THIS GAME SO FAKE! HAS ANYONE ACTUALLY RECEIVED THERE WINNINGS FOR WATCHING BLOODY VIDEOS!!!!

    • I totally agree. It’s too bad they get by with doing this to people. The sick idiots should rightfully be charged with fraud and have to pay us for all of our time and the pain and suffering of watching all those damn ads that are just more fake and irritating games. Its a vicious circle. Just for self satisfaction I have my attorney all over this bulls**t, hoping to get some satisfaction. We are going to sue, BIG TIME…..

  4. I won $500 $300 and $200 waited for the days to cash out said it was successfully placed in my PayPal account I never saw none of the money this game is a fake

  5. Yeah same here this is a b******* game I cashed out at $1,000 on December 21st 2020 and it is now January 14th 2021 and I have never received any money so Google does need to get rid of these scam apps completely but that’s what happens when you got people that just want advertisements and make money their way so Google needs to take care of this and get rid of all the fake apps

    • I have got up the €200 & €300
      But I have only watched 100 videos it says and have 48 hours left to get the rest
      No matter how many more videos I watch it won’t pass 100
      The coin task says I have merged 128,256,512,1024 & 2048 all of them 99 times each
      Down the bottom of that it says
      Retask at 0 o’clock each day
      What am I missing or doing wrong

  6. I have played this game day in and day out since the beginning of Dec. Already cashed out successfully almost 2000 dollars. However, when I check the status on payment it’s still processing, and one is still pending. WHATS GOING ON WITH PAY PAL ALSO???

  7. How do I know that these reviews are not fake because looking at the names looking at the times that they were sent kind of seems off

    • I think all comments are legit as they telling me exactly same things that happened to me, I suffered severe headaches from watching all the ads as staring at a screen that long wasn’t good for me, please take advantage of these warnings and save yourself lots of time and stress, and I’m genuine, not sure how to prove that apart from give you my word,up to you to decide what to believe but these comments are 100 per cent true

  8. Ive had 5 payouts that say succeed but no money posted to my paypal account. I send various emails to enjoyqhshop @gmail .com to claim the nonpayment & no response. Google does have a disclaimer that they are not affiliated but someone sb responsible for fraud & lack of integrity 2048 Cards is displaying. Google Play should revoke their privelage at least.

    • I couldnt agree more! Whether or not Google is affiliated with said apps or not, google should either not offer said apps or pull them. I am going to do some more research on this matter and see whether or not there can be a class action lawsuit that can be filed. I will continue to stay posted on this and also update. My email address is sweetness5455 @ gmail . com so if you would like to reach me on this matter(or anyone else)we do not have to post publicly.

  9. 2048 cards is a joke. I actually filled all the paypal cards $200,$300,$500,$600 and $1,000. They all state they were successfully transferred to my paypal account. LOAD OF BOLLOCKS. After all those stupid ads i endured. I wanna slap that twat who wasted my hopeful time

  10. Same with me. I have a 200.00 and 300.00 sipposedly teansfered to my pYpal acct. Not there let’s say this total they owe me 2300.00. I’ve contacted them over 50 times past 2 weeks if not more and no response. This is wrong of them some people are depending on that money for bills and groceries so shame on the people who did this. They should be held accountanle

  11. Total scam! I jumped through all their Hoops of Demands. At first it was pending and I had to wait 3 days then I had to watch 150 videos and then I can finally cash out and then I had to wait 72 hours so on and so forth nothing has happened on the processing page you click on it and it will say the payment has been succeed it should have been my first clue when it should have said success. So it has been since December 24th it is now January 19th that they claim on the 24th that it was deposited into my PayPal. It has the word succeed beside each of the deposits a 200 and a $300 deposit with the word succeed. Like I said it should say success, so right there with the language you know it’s not all legit and legal . And have not received anything almost a month later. This game is a total scam you click on the videos they get paid for all the clicks that’s how they make their money. The more people that click on those videos the more money they get paid. They’re not going to pay that forward to us they don’t care if we get ticked off and take off there’s always other people who will download and fall for real money offers rolling in, click on the commercials in order to rack up the money quicker. They just don’t care there’s always another crowd willing to step in and download and then when they run out of people to download this game, they just revamp themselves under a new name with some new colours and Flash and start all over again sucking people in. Ring Around the Rosie I think we all need to get off this ride. There are absolutely no games out there that have high payout. Mistplay is the only place where I’ve made any money and it was a $50 visa gift card I was able to get a email number for a Visa card and I order do dinner that night with it I’ve done that twice now. Any of these other games I have all those crazy advertisements that say to get rid of these cheap no paying games, download this instead….. the old cliche saying if it’s too good to be true it is, literally applies with these games. I have $2,000 coming to me because I stupidly kept playing it is a slightly addictive game once you get going. I knew in the back of my head the whole time I would never get anything out of it I only cashed in and claimed 500 worth. I’m not going to waste my time doing anything more. Do not fall for it, do not waste your time you are not going to get paid! How they get away with it legally with the false advertising, I don’t know but they do none of these games payout. None! If it were that easy it would be all over the Internet and everybody would be doing it no such thing as easy money people. We need to stop enabling these sites by continually clicking on videos

  12. Estou na mesma situação que muita gente 1100 dólares dividido em 3 saques diz que foi transferido com sucesso uma semana e nada de saldo,será que tem algum órgão público para intervir ou punir esse App

  13. I have earned over $2000 on 2048 card casual and I have cashed out 200 which took about a week for them to say it was sent to my PayPal account which it isn’t. And I have a 300 and a 800 dollar cash out that’s pending. I am so upset because of all my time wasted and the totally false advertisement. Can someone help me?, PLEASE I WANT MY MONEY.

  14. The 2048 Card game never deposits the winnings into the PayPal account. So many ads they have you watch and doesn’t pay out. Fake like so many others.

  15. Was a fun game till I done everything that had to be done..From $200 to the $1,000 I completed the whole game and $200,$300,$500 and $600 says completed and check my PayPal account for my funds and the rest is still processing and nothing is in my account..I called a Lawyer to see if something can be done and my Lawyer told me to Email them about this Fraud and don’t hear anything from them in One week they are going too sue them..Im in WV and you can get your money that we was told to us by them..

    • I emailed them and never received any sort of a response. Could I please be included in this lawsuit. I was told my money was deposited in my paypal acct, but as you scroll down it mentions playpal. What is playpal??
      I will pay attorney fees. This fraudulant app must pay.
      Please contact me at jordan @ chargetech. com.
      Thank You

  16. I am also make 2048cards game 200,500,800,300, But money is not received They tell send to your payapl account plz check it now that only show the cards

  17. Go to your downloads ( I found it in drive, recent) and find the tetms of service and privacy policy. Theres a money hungry monster in there!

  18. Ive been playing the 2048 Card app, allegedly, winning the $200,$600, and now the $800 with all tasks completed. After redeeming the amounts the added tasks of x amounts of videos needed before x amount of time popped up and the PayPal Cards got market as Pending. I did complete all videos required and my PayPal has not, to date, been paid. I did email the contact Google Playstore has on the 2048 Card page and then since I did not receive an answer, I then requested the money that is owed to me threw PayPal’s request money. As of todays date~ they have not sent any money, denied, nor even acknowledged my request. At this time, if getting paid is your only interest then I would highly NOT recommend playing this app (although a pay out of any kind by any app has yet to be seen) but if you are just wanting some bragging rights, then you have a easy game that will tally PayPal “cash” amounts quickly and you can regale your time to all your friends and boast. If at some point they do pay, deny payment, or even a knowledge my email OR PayPal Money Request – I surely will recant this review.

  19. Hi there,
    To me the same, they wrote ( Your money has transferrred to your paypal Account.
    Please Check in your Playpal Account to get them)
    What is playpal Account? How check in?

  20. I downloaded this app before xmas its so fun to play i won over $900 i withdrew 200 and then 300 it says that my 200 withdrawal was successful and that i should check my paypal wich i have done many of times there is nothing there also says my 300 is pending. I believe that we are winning money for the maker of the app so while we waste our precious credit/wifi and battery life they are getting our hard earned hours of play winnings. Google play needs to band these creators from doing this along with the games .. i have tried leaving negative feedback to warn other people but they just keep deleting what i say.. its beyond a joke and its out right bullshit.

  21. Redeemed $500. Told I need to watch 250 videos to validate order. Watched approximately 170 videos but only credited 100. Fully convinced by my own experience and reading reviews by others that this app is 100% scam. Will try to load videos again later tonight and again tomorrow (72 hours to complete the task). If I can finish the required videos I will report whether or not the payout is deposited. Not gonna hold my breath.

  22. I have tallyed up a win of $2400, as I cashed out and completed all video ad tasks for the $200, $300, $500, $600 and $800 cash outs. The game itself stopped me reaching the $1000 mark, as the cash on the game is currently standing at $981.50 but won’t let me go higher than that. So as a back up plan and after reading a lot on the app and the developer I sent a request for the money directly using PayPal to the developer via the emails that are listed on Google Play Store which is enjoyqhshop @ gmail. com and enjoyqhshop @ sina. com. In the request I detailed that I have won the amount I have and have screen shot proof also. I also stated that I do expect to be paid and have found out by doing this one of the emails is linked to someone called Dulce Urbina.

  23. It said i won $200 and it was successfully deposited into my pay pal account and it has not shown up in My account so to my understanding this is false advertising and wrong to consume someone time just to find out that they fake

  24. I have accomplished the first 4 PayPal requirements and it totals 1600$. Yet after waiting till today when it said the first 200 would be posted it now says I have to wait 95 hours!! 3 more days… but after reading all the comments left I now see that no one had won anything from this game. I want to report them and make them pay what they owe! Does anyone know any way of doing that since emails from their contact us section aren’t being answered?

  25. I have been very patient, watched all the videos, waited for the $1300 that should have been paid into my Pay Pal, for 7 days. However, you have guessed it nothing has been paid into it after about a further 3 days wait. I am also still awaiting another $1100 to be Processed. WHAT A RIP OFF. THIS IS A FAKE. DO NOT PLAY AND WASTE YOUR TIME ON IT !!!

  26. I got a message from this company 2048 cards that $300 dollars have been transferred into my PayPal account, I immediately contacted PayPal to confirm, PayPal directed me to get PayPal transaction ID from 2048 Cards, I messaged 2048 cards website Email, behold I was told that my message can not be sent,
    I was disappointed.

  27. i Have completed them all and it actually did pay me like it said! fRfR this app is outstanding and so fukn grateful for that money at times like these yukno because of Covid-19 and everything else going on! You just have to be patient guys I know that their times on there probably aren’t as accurate as when you actually get it but you will get it I assure you I had a way to quit a pretty long time also but they definitely paid me out and I’m grateful to the owners of this game I hope they see this and know that they did right by somebody so again thank you 2048 cards!🤗🔥💯💯❗💰💵💵💸💸💸💱💲💲💲

  28. I have spent hours and watch thousands of videos playing this game.
    I claimed 1.400 dollars and after a week they informed me : *Success. Money have been transferred to your PayPal account. Please check your PayPal account ”
    Up to now, a month later I have not teceived a cent!
    Conclusion? They are a fake and criminals, fraudsters.
    They promise compensation, while they earn thousands of dollars because you watched all those videos, over and over.

  29. Why do they allow ppl or fake pages and games to scam ppl into thinking they will receive free money for playing games and watching ads smh that’s wrong. The government should not allow this to happen

  30. I wrote some mails to enjoyqhshop @gmail. com. The last one I send today and this is the autoresponse from google:

    Recipient inbox full
    Your message couldn’t be delivered to enjoyqhshop @ gmail . com. Their inbox is full, or it’s getting too much mail right now.

  31. I have played up to $990.00 but no matter how many videos I watch, I cannot move beyond that. When I sent an email to the developer at enjoyqhshop.gmail.com, there was a return message saying the mailbox is full. Seems like a gigantic scam!

  32. Fake game still waiting my money…i dont believe that Paypal put their name and services to that game. Its mot just that lie to people but Paypal to.

  33. I also am waiting for $ 900, still didn’t receive anything.
    Their mailbox is full so I die what you all should do: report them to PayPal!!
    The name of PayPal is absurd and this sport of scam Will do no good for them name of PayPal. Their legal office will take legal actions to het these kind of fraud removed from the Playstore

  34. I completed the $200 and $300 and waited completed everything and just waited. Since I use paypal on a regular basis there is always a positive balance instead of depositing they took $700 from my paypal. I need a phone number for these as swipes so I can contactthem

  35. Anyone want to pay to my PayPal for this game? $500 pending to be received. Any sender to my PayPal account, I will send beautiful pictures of me that I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. No fake stuff… No ads. Just send money to a starving student, wasting time on these stupid fake ass games.

  36. I’ve played to the five hundred mar, and watched the videos for the 200 &300 dollar pay outs and I’ve yet to receive any winnings either

  37. Is there any game out there that you can make real money off of playing i have tried so many and same reports nothing comes in to my account

  38. I have got up the €200 & €300
    But I have only watched 100 videos it says and have 48 hours left to get the rest
    No matter how many more videos I watch it won’t pass 100
    The coin task says I have merged 128,256,512,1024 & 2048 all of them 99 times each
    Down the bottom of that it says
    Retask at 0 o’clock each day
    What am I missing or doing wrong to get the rest of videos to add up

  39. 2048 card App is a fake. I got all the targets met. From 3 day pending it went to 2 week processing then another 3 days till Success and then showed money is paid to PAYPAL ACCOUNT, Collect from PLAYPAL Account. Note it says Play, not Pay. Like mocking!!!.
    This is blatant fraud with no consequences for false advertising, Google should screen these Apps and BAN them, but they are all making money using US to do all the work for them and not get paid. Yes they say Success, but its a lie, NO MONEY WAS PAID TO MY PAYPAL ACCOUNT. Despite them saying the money was paid.

  40. After watching 400 videos and writing for 28 day to be paid out the 300 I cashed in out of the 1200 I made… ya no pay out..
    We should all save your data from the game and get together, take them to court… make them pay fir what they offer.
    Its not right to scam people out of stuff they offer, after all there making money off of us watching ads.
    Simonovens04 @ gmail . com let talk and see how many what to take the lies to court.

  41. Well I’m pretty certain that 2048 is Fake as the Godzilla like characters that does the commercials. Once you hit your goal let’s say $200 then gotta wait 3 days, then after that 17 days, then most likely it’ll say SUCCEED then eventually it will say “your money has transferred to your PayPal account. Please check in your PLAYPAL account to get them” this is what it says on my $200/$300/$500 and $600 winners. I tell you all what if we can find this Playpay place. I’m sure we could rob them blind, but I’m pretty sure it’s like Nessy of the Loc. If I’m wrong, then so be it. I wouldn’t complain coz that’s $1600 I won’t see or my time it took out of my life. I’ll sum it up like this, “Don’t let the Japs do it to us again”

  42. I actually took the time to read the terms of use and privacy policy and it literally says the coins and PayPal money have no monetary value…..I don’t think anyone will be seeing any money anytime soon. And if people focused a little harder on listening to what they say in there commercial Ads….they are literally saying that We’re F*ing annoying….their ads are subliminally sending us hidden messages That 1. they make money by them offering the game (making us think we will) 2. We’re fucking annoying & 3. Download the game ….. the only thing out of the 3 that was sincere was them saying, download the app….the first 2 ..they say what they say using a distracting voice tone and body actions displayed … to hide the message they are actually saying…they use the words….just not expressing it honestly…by law though….they protected their ass’s. Pathetic I think…. Anyways ✌️

  43. I been playing this game hoping to win some money. It’s all fake. I cashed out at $600. Say it’s processing the catch is you have to watch 1600 videos in order to cash out. I only watched 136 videos. Fake fake fake. Not worth it.

  44. I hope you guys can translate, as it is easier for me to type in my language :
    Ek speel die game nou vir 3 dae, ek het $1500, $3000 en $4000 uitgekas… toe moet ek n x hoeveelheid adds kyk, in n 120:00 ure, dis 5 dae… toe se dit “processing” en nadat ek al die adds gekyk het se dit “money will be paid into you paypal acc in 45 days” nou wys my status:
    Time: Gift: Status
    2021.5.15 $1500 send queue
    2021.5.16 $3000 verify (want ek moet nog oor 100/500 adds kyk)
    2021.5.16 $4000 verify (want ek moet nog oor 100/500 adds kyk)
    die $1500 se “Current order progress, leaving 43.15 days. Please be patient”
    Die ander 2 se $3000 verify: is Reviewing 95:10:40 ure). Please complete the task within the limited time. So as to pass the review and get your money. En die een van $4000 is 103:52:15 (ure)… so nou wag ek maar vir die 44 dae om verby te gaan, dan het ek nog n ekstra $10022.79 wat moet uitbetaal, so ek glo nie daai gaan gebeur nie, maar indien wel ek wag maar dan plaas ek weer n revue…

  45. This game is a fake. I “won” 300, 400, 600 and 800. After I watched the 100 ads and waited for the clock to wind down for the 300 the clock restarted and asked me to watch another 900 Ads

  46. This game is definitely fake. I’ve won 300, 400 $500, met all the tasks and was told it was processing. When the time came to get my money in PayPal, no money was there and I was told I had to watch more videos. I’m so disappointed thinking this was a real money making game. I don’t think any of these games are real. Not sure how they can way with scamming people.

  47. Hi guys that game is fully fraud as soon as I have completed my task a message shows that your money will approve in 14 days but next day when I opened this app.i seen that my completed task was reduced and message shows again complete the task. that application is wasting of time and your energy this is fully scam or fraud prepared by international cyber criminals

  48. I did everything required to re eive a payout and even waited 60 days for the payout and then it says it failed. That game is a lie and I am almost tempted to search the internet and social media and see if anyone else was scammed and start a class action lawsuit.


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