Clothfamous Website Real or Fake | Complete Review Review : – Hello friends and welcome to our official website In today’s post, we will see about an online cloth selling website named, and find out whether it is real or fake. We are sure that you’d like to ask some questions about website, such as what Is Clothfamous Website?, Is Clothfamous Website is Real or fake?, Clothfamous Website is safe or not?, Is Clothfamous online is Real or fake, how does Clothfamous Works? and many more others.

Clothfamous Real or Fake
Clothfamous Real or Fake

What is Clothfamous website?

You may heard or watch an advertisement about an online cloth selling website named clothfamous. It is a website which claims that anyone can buy premium quality costly cloths in very low prices. Here we are not talking about their discounts, quality and services, but we are still analyzing that Clothfamous website is a Legit or fake website.

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Is Clothfamous website is Safe? No, it is not. There are many reasons, for example, poorly created website, no information of the owner and founder, no registration details and many more. The red flags found on this site is explained below. We do not recommend Clothfamous for shopping online, stay away from it and never share your information with them.

If You want a Quick Review of Clothfamous website we recommend you to stay away from that website. For reasons read the complete article.

Why Clothfamous website is unsafe?

Date of Creation:

When we checked We found that it was registered on 17th October 2020. The name of owner and contact details has not been provided.


Clothfamous is not officially made. They have placed things in wrong pattern which is common among fraudulent sites. Because they are running many similar websites and when the purpose of that site is over, they will create the same site with a different name.


Clothfamous offers very lucrative plans, this is a very comman trick use by fraudsters to trap users.

No Registration Details:

When we review Clothfamous we don’t find any registration details for Clothfamous.

Clothfamous Contact Details:

If in Future if you want to make contact with Clothfamous, you can contact them via email. It is a One sided contact. If you send them a message or query, there is no guarantee of getting a single reply.

It is not possible to make any type of Contact with them.

Owner Information:

Nobody knows about the owner of Clothfamous. If that website does not inform about its owner and operator on its official website, you cannot find out who is actually running Website. Fraudsters cover their personal identity and details for the fear of catching up.

The information of the owner is not present on the site. It means nobody knows the person behind this site. This is the most common characteristics of the fraud site.


Clothfamous is a unsafe website, we advise you to do not use that site.

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22 thoughts on “Clothfamous Website Real or Fake | Complete Review”

    1. I have order from clothfamous and Id paid online.I have paid 997 rs online to cloth famous and now not getting any response. What should i do to get my money back.

  1. I had made a purchase of 3200 on this site on 7th December but no track of order or anything…i just got a confirmation message thats it…is there any source of getting back the money

  2. Even I have purchased 4 set of kurti set for rupees 996 I got an confirmation mail but I did not receive the order yet I ordered in Dec 7,2020

  3. Hi i also made a purchase of 2000 but didnt get any reply or the order delivery. Seems fake. Is there any hope of getting the money back?

  4. I also had shopped for 1000 and got one confirmation message and then nothing. Please let me know how get my money back.

  5. I had ordered from ClothFamous 20 days back and I haven’t received any product or updates regarding shipping yet.
    I received a message post order with a link to track order but it shows the same page with map everytime.i did email to the email ID given on website and just got a weired response and unusual reply email saying “checking your status sir”.Is there any possibility to get back the money?

  6. I have paid 300 for an order, also received confirmation email with order no tracking option is there, even site is not getting open, no email reply received..anh suggestions??how to get my money back

  7. Its seems to be fraud company from last 1 month i booked my order nd they not even replying me . The real fake site is this i paid in Advance for the products total fraud . Req you all do not use this site .. ### FRAUD FRAUD & FRAUD I already paid 1800 for the bags in Advance . Please let me know how can i get my money back from them.

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