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Fashchic15 Website Real or Fake | Complete Review

Fashchic15 Review – Hello friends and welcome to our official website Ecyberplanet. In today’s post, we will see about an online cloth selling website named Fashchic, and find out whether it is real or fake. We are sure that you’d like to ask some questions about Fashchic website, such as is fashchic Website is Real or Fake?, Is fashchic15 is safe or not?, how does Fashchic15 website Works? and many more others.

fashchic15 real or fake
fashchic15 real or fake

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about Fashchic15. Please share your Experience and feedback to help others after finding your queries. Your feedback and Experience will help number of other people who do not know about this website. So friends, let’s start by moving this post forward.

Is Fashchic15 Website is Real?

You may heard or watch an advertisement about an online cloth selling website named Fshchic website which offer high quality cloths in low prices. Here We are not talking about their products and discount, but we’re still analyzing that Fashchic15 is a Legit or fake online shopping site?

Note: – We never recommend this site to our readers as there is a high likelihood of falling into a trap.

Fashchic15 is Real or Fake:

Is Fashchic15.com Shopping website is Safe? No, it is not. There are many reasons, for example, poorly created website, no information of the owner and founder, No complete website details, no registration details, no active social media handles and many more.

We do not recommend Fashchic15 for shopping online, stay away from it and never share your information with them.

If You want a Quick Review of fashchic15 website we recommend you to stay away from that website.


We strongly suggest you to stay away from Fashchic15 website in conclusion, fashchic15 website is not a trusted place for shopping online.

There are already number of people who got cheated by these type website. So please be aware.

Please include a message in our Comment Box if you have any questions or wish to share your experience with us. We are looking forward to helping you.

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  1. I purchased clothes of 314 rupees…and i ordered 2months before still they do not reply me and dont gave my refund amount…this site is fake…they didnot response the mails and this is the fake site
    I dont even know how can i get my refund amount

    • ordered t shirts worth 600 something and I paid for them too but it’s been 2 months and I did not got the order and nor my refund. Please someone suggest me what should I do, as I have read the comments I saw that most people are saying that it’s fake and I knew it now. They send some of the orders and the rest they take the money . I think we should take strict action on them.

  2. This is a fake site
    I also ordered from here and I also not got any update or information niter they respond to any mail or dm on insta..
    So don’t shop with them

  3. I have ordered 3 products out of which I received two the total cost of products were 577 I recieved 2 products of cost 69 n 99 I didn’t recieve the product cost rupees 350 after that I message her she says I will deliver in 10 days I wait for 10 days later she started ignoring me totally now not responding to my dms PLZZ don’t buy cloths from @fashchic_15

    • This is is so fickin i dont know why this peoples are making us fool i have orederd and paid 355 through gpay for two tops but none of this people are responding to insta amd watsapp too i dont know ehat should i do now coz this morons r not ginving one single respond and the number which they had put on their post is also not working i couldnt call to that num….I any one of this app owners or anyone who work under this app please dont make a innocent people fool you theifs morons monkey i want my money back

  4. This is a fake site
    I oder 2 tops and there is no update of cloths and leave a query message but they don’t give response nd i dont know how to get refund

  5. I ordered something to check if it actually gets delivered. I got it after around 25 days. The quality was fair as compared to the price. It was mentioned in their policies that delivery may be delayed due to corona which i was prepared for. But as it didn’t get dispatched for many days after ordering, i dropped a dm on their IG handle & mailed but no response at all. Though i got my order, the website is not very safe to shop from. So one must do so at their own risk.

  6. its been 50 days since i ordered, they are not responding to emails, insta dms , whatsapp messages nothing ..i ordered 2 tops for 300 from which 50 was delivery charge. when i go on site to see update it says no order has been placed

    • Hey!I have been going through the same. It’s been 2 months. I texted them plenty of times,I have kept on texting,they hadn’t replied once but today they did. It might be because I emailed them saying I have filed a compliant them on CYBER. Anyway, they told they would refund the amount with 5 days. However,I don’t think they would. Let’s see. Just keep on texting them everyday, you may get your money back.

  7. I ordered t shirts worth 600 something and I paid for them too but it’s been 2 months and I did not got the order and nor my refund. Please someone suggest me what should I do, as I have read the comments I saw that most people are saying that it’s fake and I knew it now. They send some of the orders and the rest they take the money . I think we should take strict action on them.

  8. They replied to emails yesterday and now they have ghosted me again .they said they will deliver but i have got no response

  9. This website is fake I ordered my cloths and it’s been 3 months I didn’t receive my order. No response for mails and messages from their end. Don’t fall for these type of cheap websites. You will definitely loose your money.

  10. I placed order 1month ago and paid 315 rupees.I still not received my parcel.Its fake please be aware of it.

  11. What to do I ordered the clothes from. this app and I paid alsoo bt they didn’t give any response please suggest me something friends this app is fraud please don’t buy

  12. I ordered four tshirts cost 420rupees before 1month…it is not delivered yet..i drop messages on email or insta dms but there is no response related to order…its supposed to be fake..

  13. I ordered from fashchic and they are not responding or giving any update on the purchase. How do I get my money back? Please helppp

  14. Same happened with me. they took money and its been 2 months and i have still not recieved my parcel. This is very wrong we should ban and report and block thi faschic15 on instagram.

  15. I ordered some clothes from this site and the prepaid amount was 315 and they included the vat in these clothes, i ordered it on 1june,21 but still I’m literally waiting for the clothes..

    • I had placed an order for 3 tops worth rupees 416 on 14th June, 2021 and it’s still showing me processing. I’ve tried to contact them via Instagram dm and mail but they didnt reply me back anywhere. I want them to refund me my money or give me my product ASAP or else I would take strict action against them.

  16. Hey I order of rs 1150 since 14tn may and they r giving only date no ans no reply no contact details they r cheating with client. Fake shopping I’d fake followers plz complain this to cyber and try to find out about the main person

  17. I ordered T-shirts for 1100 Rs, it has been two months, I have not received my order. They do not reply emails or messages. Please suggest what can be done.

  18. Yes, fashchic15 is a fraud. I have ordered 2 tops but could not receive one of them. Abd this was 2 month ago.
    Don’t buy on that web.

  19. 14th Aug’21
    Dear Fashchic15,

    It has been more than 2 months since I had placed my order.

    I have not yet received delivery of my order and even I am not able to track by when I will get my order consignment delivered.

    Please find details of order
    Order Number: #255971 with 7 items worth Rs. 1248/- and online payment made on 10th Jun’21.

    You are requested to kindly look into my concern on priority and arrange for delivery of consignment or refund my money of Rs.1248.

    Siya Handa


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