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Baarish Ki Jaaye Song Real Story – Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya Devi Real Story

Recently Nawazuddin Siddiqui has shared a romantic song featuring him alongside Sunanda Sharma. It has been sung by singer B Praak.

Baarish Ki jaaye song real story
Baarish Ki jaaye song real story

‘Baarish Ki Jaaye’ song has gone viral as it is released. It has been told at the end of the video that the song is based on a true story, So friends in this post we will tell you about the real story of song.

Real Story of Baarish Ki Jaaye:

In our review we found that the song Baarshi ki Jaaye is based on a real story, which is that of Kaushalya Devi and Bharat Thakur.

This story is from Old Delhi, where Kaushalya Devi used to live with her grandmother. The parents of Kaushalya Devi had already passed away.

As per song, Kaushalya Devi was not mentally well. His grandmother always worried about Kaushalya after she left her.

In such a situation, one day Bharat Thakur meets Kaushalya Devi. and fall in love with her.

Later, Bharat Thakur married Kausalya and settled down, he also served her ill grandmother as a son till the last phase of her life.


Baarshi ki Jaaye song is dedicated to the great love story of Bharat Thakur and Kaushalya Devi.

Maybe the song characters have undergone some changes to the presentation, but the real storyline is the same as the original story.

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