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Swipe to Blast Game Real or Fake | Complete Review

Swipe to Blast Game Review – Hello friends and welcome to our official website Ecyberplanet. In today’s post, we will see about gaming and earning App. Today we are going to review a Gaming App named Swipe to Blast, and find out whether it is real or fake. we are sure that you’d like to ask some questions about Swipe to Blast, such as is Swipe to Blast Real or fake?, Is Swipe to Blast Game is safe?, What is Swipe to Blast Game?, how does Swipe to Blast Works? and many more others.

Swipe to blast
Swipe to blast

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about Swipe to Blast Game. Please share your Experience and feedback to help others after finding your queries. Your feedback and Experience will help number of other people who do not know about this App. So friends, let’s start by moving this post forward.

What is ‘Swipe to Blast’ App?

You may heard about an gaming app named Swipe to Blast which claims that you can earn thousand of money or iPhone only by playing game. It is an Android and iOS game where players have to do tasks to earn rewards.

Swipe to Blast is a free casual merge game. It is one of the most interesting casual placement game.

‘Swipe to Blast’ App is Fake Or Real:

If you want a quick review of ‘Swipe to Blast’ Game, we advise you to read this complete article.

App Details:

  • Name – Swipe to Blast
  • Status – Doubtful
  • App Type – Gaming App
  • Category – Casual
  • Developer – Liaquat
  • Language – English

It is very Doubtful that Swipe to Blast Game really pays. Maybe they reward a few lucky users to show their app is genuine. You must not expect to earn any money or iPhone with that game.

We take a look at many reviews on Google Play, and I was not shocked to find so many complaints. After reviewing so many apps and games, I know how they work and avoid payments.

So, what should you expect from Swipe to Blast Game? Well, according to the game, players can get payout when they reach minimum threshold.

In Swipe to Blast game when you may think that you are close to getting paid, the developers of game cut you off. That is the system they have in place.

That business model is designed to add people to watch ads. They then make all the money from advertisements, while users gain nothing but waste there time.

Pros and Cons of Swipe to Blast:


  • Minimum withdrawal limit low.
  • Addictive Game
  • Easy to play interface


  • Network Errors.
  • Lots of Ads.
  • Higher Battery Consumption

So according to our review Swipe to Blast is Not a safe App.

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  1. Yes it’s not legit. It’s fraud. I’ve tried several times by entering my PayPal account becuase I wanted to claim what I’ve got, but it’s not working. God bless.

  2. Kada plate preporu icu je svima
    Ovako me zaboleo mozak od reklama i skidanje novca kao da sam dobila laz bez racuna da vidim kako ce da isplate

  3. I’ve been reach 2 times the required amount before i can CASH OUT my rewards (2,000$), But why I CAN’T CASH OUT. IT’S NOT LEGIT AND THIS IS REALLY A SCAM.

  4. Un jeux de merde
    Ils disent qu’il faut atteindre
    1000 dollars pour le cash out
    Ce que j’ai fait puis j’ai été en négatif de l’arnaque pure et dure je suis deg

  5. Fake and disgusting, full of lies.
    They will not even allow your email address to be imputed correctly
    Because they will always remove @ making your email address incomplete

  6. Kako li ce da isplate meni dobila sam cetiri puta po 1000 usd mozda ako ih tuzim jer kad ukucam e mail obrise se zarada a pare se ne isplacuju cak ni putem obavestenja u e mailu

  7. I played this game, reached the minimum to cash out, cashed out in the game only to end up with my Paypal account hacked. I had to do an entire password change and make sure the account was logged out of any other devices. I should have known better. That game is a scam. When I started playing, it said the minimum cash out requirement was $14,999.00. THAT is a red flag right there. Don’t play this game. The only good thing out of all of this was that I barely have anything in my Paypal account, so it wasn’t like there was anything for them to steal.


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