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Is Fun Bucket Bhargav Got Arrested ? | Complete Inforamtion

Hello friends and welcome to our official website Ecyberplanet. In today’s post, we are going to check a fact. Recently we got a message on whats app containing a question that is Fun Bucket Bhargav Got Arrested?. We are sure that you have questions about today’s topic, such as whether the claim is real or fake?, Is Fun Bucket Bhargav Got really arrested?, Is Fun Bucket Bhargav arrest is real or fake?, and many more others.

Fun bucket Bhargav arrest
Fun bucket Bhargav arrest

When we review this topic we found that Anchor Shiva pushes Fun bucket Bhargava, who has become a YouTube sensation as a tik tok star, into controversy.

YouTuber Shiva shared a video along with a series of posts claiming that the police had recently arrested Fun Bucket Bhargava.

So we will find out how much of the news claimed by anchor Shiva is true? Did the police really arrest Fun Bucket Bhargava? or Youtuber Shiva making frank videos as usual for his popularity?

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Youtuber Shiva has posted his videos on Instagram with a message that ‘An arrest is going to take place in Operation Hyderabad. Fun Bucket Bhargav is going to be arrested soon. AP police are going to come from Vizag and arrest Fun Bucket Bhargav. I am going to make that video’. Then he released the video.

But the question is what the anchor Shiva said is true? Or are there any conflicts with Bhargava?, Is Anchor Shiva playing tricks to damage his image?

Is Fun Bucket Bhargav Got Arrested?

The Police have arrested Til Tok and YouTuber Bhargav for trapping a girl and allegedly raping her. He was introduced to a 14 year old girl from Sinhagiri Colony, Visakhapatnam. She often meets fun bucket Bhargava while watching his videos. As Sinhagiri Colony is near to Bhargav’s house, he got acquainted to the girl and call her sister.

So, the truth is Fun Bucket Bhargav got arrested for raping a 14 year year girl.

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