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Reality of Teresa Fidalgo Viral Message : Complete Information

Teresa Fidalgo Story – Hello friends and welcome to our official website Ecyberplanet. Recently we got a message on whats app about Teresa Fidalgo. In message a person is asking about Teresa Fidalgo story and reality of Message which is shared in the name of Teresa Fidalgo. We are sure that you have questions about today’s topic, such as what is Teresa Fidalgo story?, Is Teresa Fidalgo story is real or fake?, Is viral message about Teresa Fidalgo is fake or real?, and many more others.

Teresa Fidalgo
Teresa Fidalgo

When we review this topic we found a message that is being shared on various social media platforms and especially on whats app and telegram claiming that ‘She is Teresa Fidalgo and she was died 27 years ago, if you are seeing that message then you have to share it with 20 peoples otherwise bad will happen with you. So you should share this immediately.’ So, friends let find about this viral message.

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See the full story about the rumor spread with the image adapted from the real incident.

Incident about Teresa Fidalgo:

When we do some research we found about an Portuguese content creator named David Rebordão. He had a viral video called “A Curva.” And here, the story of Figaldo begins.

That video was shot in 2003 when David Rebordão and several of his friends went for a ride.

During that car ride they are shooting a video, While riding in night they see a hitchhiker, and they decided to gave her a lift. Later on, they know her name is Teresa Fidalgo.

She does not talk much in the video. But after they questions her what has happened to her. After that, She points out to a spot in front of them on the road. And she told them that she face an accident and that she died that night, right after that they point a camera at her face. Her face is fill with full of blood.

Right after focusing on her bloody face, their is a quick cut in this video footage. After the cut, the video is showing the car upside down. And the car is wrecked.

And this is just one of the many stories that were going on through whats app and social media.

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So, the question is anything will happen if you don’t share Teresa Fidalgo message to 20 other peoples. So lets find out about this.

Teresa Fidalgo Message Real or Fake:

The First doubt is that anything bad will happen if you did not forward this message further. No, because their are large number of people who received that message and how many of those people suffer from bad because of that?

So according to our advice, Teresa fidalgo is fake and is based on assumptions.

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