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Jobstacular Real or Fake | Complete Review

Jobstacular Site Review – Hello friends and welcome to our official website Ecyberplanet. In today’s post, we will see about an website named Jobstacular (https://www.jobstacularindia.com/), and find out whether it is real or fake.

Data Entry Jobs
Data Entry Jobs

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about Jobstacular Website.

Jobstacular Site Real or Fake :

Online Scam-tacular on the Rise.

A company named Jobstacular has been scamming people for over months now, in the lure of providing Data entry jobs.

A number of complaints have been reported against this fraudulent company.

The company markets itself as a Bangalore based initiative to provide data entry jobs at the expense of a registration fee. They basically provide with fake registration plans to lure people and scam them.

The plans marketed by them are basically of 4 levels. Each plan with successive increase in registration amount and salary amount i.e,

  • Rs449 : – 100 pages work Salary 8000,
  • Rs699 : – 240 pages work Salary 20000
  • Rs999 : – 400 pages Salary 32000
  • Rs1299 : – 500 pages Salary 40000 respectively.

The company has also set up some fake deadlines for work and promises to refund the registration amount after the successful completion of the first work assignment.

Along with this, it would ask for the payment to be made over a PayTm QR code and simultaneously ask for basic details of the individual including name , city , phone and their bank account details or their e-wallet details.

Some of the people also received fake invoices in their mail addresses and fake work assignments. Which upon submission is never reverted with a response.

There have been numerous complaints against the fraudulent company, also sources suggest that it is previously too conducted similar scam under the Banner named Asha.jobs. It’s been found via complaints that the company is administered by the people named Aditya Prasad and Vidyut Parihar.

While the names known are actual or fake identities, is yet to be identified. Sources suggest they mostly scammed people via WhatsApp and their fake Instagram handle.

  • The Gmail – [email protected]
  • Phone number – +91 70228 50320
  • Site – https://www.jobstacularindia.com/ and the Instagram Id named Jostacular_1

Above details Provided by them hasn’t been functioning since they managed to scam a number of 56+ people and counting in the Months of April May and June 2021.

It is such a shame that in such desperate times when the world is jolting with a pandemic there are people like these fooling and looting people for their vulnerability and innocence. The company used the tag line “It all starts with a mindset!”

Or should we say – It all starts with a scam.

Review of a user who has been duped by jobstacular.

“Hello everyone!

So I’m A**** from ….

And I’m just as petrified, disturbed and dejected as all of you.

Basically, what happened with me follows below:

Started out first by registering on 1*th May, (Plan 1 – 449 Rs) following which I received the 1st assignment, which I completed and subsequently got an invoice for the same!

Then I received the 2nd Assignment which also I subsequently completed and submitted, and received an invoice for the same.

“Dates Removed due to Privacy”

Both assignments were of 100 pages.

Today I confirmed that it is a complete and utter rip off as

  1. The Instagram page is taken down
  2. The FB page is taken down
  3. Profile picture on WhatsApp hasn’t changed since yesterday
  4. No replies to WhatsApp messages
  5. Mobile number is switched of since morning

I was having a notion that this might be a scam, but as the days progressed, I started getting some degree of trust because of the invoices being received.

Also, I checked out the GSTIN mentioned on the invoice, seemed legit as it’s listed under financial advising services….but by a different name.

And the GST ID has been cancelled on the portal, which rang some warning bells at that time as well!

But I risked it, since I had invested 449, not that much, monetarily!

 But scamming innocent people is not something I can tolerate, and hence I’m here, ready to join the fight.”


Jobstacular is totally a scam.

If you too have been cheated by Jobstacular or any such site, then join us on Instagram. Together we can face this scam.

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