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Rani Rangili Biography and Facts

Rani Rangili’s Biography – Hello friends and welcome to Cyber Planet. In today’s post, we are going to know about Rani Rangili. We are sure that you have questions about today’s topic, such as Who is Rani Rangili?, Message forwarded on whatsapp about Rani Rangili is real or fake?, and many more others.

Rani Rangili
Rani Rangili

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Who is Rani Rangili?

Rani Rangili is a singer and dancer from Rajasthan. It produces Rajasthani songs and almost all its songs have become super hit. It composes all its songs in Rajasthani.

Many of her songs has always been a super duper hit. Rani Rangili is also called the star singer of entire Rajasthan.

Rani Rangili is From Which Place:

The proper village of Rani Rangili is Surajpura.

This village of Rani Rangili falls near Bhima of Ajmer district. Her childhood was spent in the village of Dhoda, Marwar.

Why did Rani Rangili choose music?

There was no musician in Rani Rangili’s family. At her childhood, Her family financial condition was very bad. That’s why she started singing. By the way, her grandfather used to read a little literature.

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The family of Rani Rangili had no relation with dance and music. She got into this line due to poverty and she has emerged as a star today.

Rani Rangili Career: 

The first song of Rani Rangili from which she got recognition in Rajasthan is “Lugdi Lambo Gungat”.

After that, Rani Rangili had taken out many songs – Lilan Singare, Punjabi Truck Dil, Tejaji Maharaj’s songs and other.

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