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Dealsmobile (dealsmobile.in) Site Real or Fake | Complete Review

Dealsmobile (dealsmobile.in) Site Review – Hello friends and welcome to Cyber Planet. In today’s post, we will see about an online Mobile selling website named Dealsmobile Site, and find out whether it is real or fake. We are sure that you’d like to ask some questions about Dealsmobile Site, such as is Dealsmobile Site is Real or Fake?, Is Dealsmobile.in Site safe?, how does Deals mobile Site Works? and many more others.

Dealsmobile Site
Dealsmobile Site

Please read this complete article in order to get answers of all your questions about Dealsmobile Site. Please share your Experience and feedback to help others after finding your queries. Your feedback and Experience will help number of other people who do not know about this website. So friends, let’s start by moving this post forward.

Is Dealsmobile Site is Real?

You may heard or watch an advertisement about an online mobile selling website named Dealsmobile Site which offers low cost Mobiles with discount. The mobile they Sell in their platform is Bleeky.

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It is an online shopping site which offers Bleeky brand Mobile Phones on their website with great discount on all of their products. Here We are not talking about their products and discount, but we’re analyzing that Dealsmobile Site is a Legit or fake online shopping site?

Note : – We never recommend that site to our readers as there is a high likelihood of falling into a trap.

Dealsmobile Site is Real or Fake : –

If you want a quick review of Dealsmobile Site website, we advise you to do not purchase products on that website until you read the complete points on review of Dealsmobile Site below:

Date of Creation:

When we checked Dealsmobile.in Site. We found that it was registered on 24th June 2021. The name of owner and contact details has not been provided.


On many of their products, Dealsmobile site offers very big discounts. The Scammers know very well that people loves to buy in discount time. This is a common trick used in many Scam sites.

These big discounts are available to attract people and make them to fall into the trap.

You have to do small research on these type of websites in which you are planing to buy anything. You can search on internet, such as Dealsmobile.in site is real or fake, Analysis of Dealsmobile, Is Dealsmobile site is Scam, Dealsmobile site Legit or not, Deals mobile site Website etc.


If you go on Dealsmobile site, then you find many of the products have same rates, and if you compare their original prices with the prices on internet you will find a big difference.

Contacting them:

If you want to make contact with Dealsmobile site, the only way to contact them is to contact via Email or phone. It is a one way contact if you send them a message, there is no guarantee of getting a reply, and their phone number never works.

Owner Details:

Nobody knows about the owner of Dealsmobile site. If Dealmobile.in does not inform about its owner and operator on its official website, then you cannot find out who is running Website.

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Fraudsters cover their personal information and details for the fear of catching up.

Social Media handles:

While buying from any website, check their social media pages and accounts. Dealmobile Site does not have social media accounts linked to their Website.

Contact, E-mail and Bank Account Details:

These kind of websites insist on the exchange of personal and financial data. Just Because of their discounted offers, people do not think twice about providing them with personal data. So we insist you to not to give your personal details to them.

Dealsmobile site Customer Care Number:

No working Customer Care number is provided by Dealsmobile site


We strongly suggest you to stay away from Dealsmobile in conclusion, Dealsmobile site is not a trusted place for shopping online.

There are already number of people who got cheated by Dealsmobile site. So please be aware.

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Please include a message in our Comment Box if you have any questions or wish to share your experience with us. We are looking forward to helping you.

And how did you like this article, tell it in the comment section.

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  1. Certainly this is a fake website, and they previously with www. Mymobilemart. In, and withthe brand “Cooltle mobile” . Their contact number not working. The address given is the same as previous. Please anyone… Donot buy these products… Fake, and lowcost pieces of around Rs.1800 with poor and outdated configuration would be delivered only when if you are lucky. Otherwise, you certailny loose your hard earned money. So please be cautious while responding to these sites.

  2. This is fake, i received some play tab (toy) instead of tab shown in pic. Complete fraud. Not replying to mails, no response to mobie calls. Address shown in site also fake. Dont go through that site. But why it is displaying in so many sites i dont know. Evfn in youtube. How to report it?

    • Even i got a tab recently it was totally crap to what i ordered. They showed a 12 inch tab with 8 GB ram config but i got a 7 inch with 4 GB ram and android kit kat version which is very outdated. Their customer care number is not working at all. No response to emails as well. Guys dont but from this website

  3. I purchased a TAB of Rs.3599 on 2aug2021 &got call over mobile no 9953938624 for verification shipments on 3aug2021 but till the date on 16aug 2021,I don’t receive TAB,There is not any response from email mobile no.

    I hope that this is a cheater & cyber looters

  4. Yes, i do ordered and got a different mobile. they never respond to your mails and the phone number they have given is also fake. i have registered a complaint on Consumer Forum as well.

  5. Sh*t they are truly FAKE.
    dealsmobile.in f***ing fraudsters 🤬

    My dad saw an ad some weeks ago and ordered a highly discounted smartphone cost ₹3000 something.
    He was waiting for the orders to be delivered and finally he told me about this, when I searched for this and email them for queries, I came to know they were fake.
    RIP 😑

    Can someone tell me what are ways by which we can report such fake sites??
    I know there is no way to get back money but if it is than please do tell me.


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