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Afgan Pilot Safiya Firoze Dead or Alive | Latest News

Afgan Pilot Safiya Firoze : – Hello friends and welcome to Cyber Planet. In today’s post, we are going to check a viral news. Recently we got a message on whats app with a question, that famous Afgan Pilot Safiya Firoze is dead or alive. We are sure that you have questions about today’s topic, such as Who is Safiya Firoze?, Is Safiya Firoze is dead or alive?, Safiya Firoze death claim is real or fake?, Is Safiya Firoze dead?, and many more others.

Safiya Firoze latest News
Safiya Firoze latest News

Who is Safiya Firoze?

Safiya Firoze was a well known captain of the Afghan Air Force. She known for her outstanding role in fighting the Taliban insurgency.

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As per Gulf News, Safiya Firoze was the country’s 2nd female pilot in the Afghan Air Force. She had a good reputaion in Afgan air force.

Safiya Firoze Latest News:

When we do research on viral news on Safiya Firoze, we found one of the Twitter users Tweeted, “Safiya Firoze was stoned to death in public this morning”.

As per recently news, tons of Aghan’s people have been killed to death after the invasion of taliban in Afganistan, not only Safiya.

But the news about Safiya Firoze is not confirmed by the trusted sources yet.

As per our research, Safiya was a married woman. Her husband, Captain Mohammad Jawad Najafi is also a pilot who works in the same unit supporting army ground forces. She also welcomed their first child, daughter Nergis.

So currently, there is no trusted update of Safiya’s death at the moment.

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