Back to the Future 4 Real or Fake | Latest Update

Recently we see a fake trailer for Back to the Future Part 4, which is mostly mix of scenes from the Back to the Future trilogy.

Back to the Future 4 Reality
Back to the Future 4 Reality

Hello friends and welcome to Cyber Planet. In today’s post, we will see about Back to the Future 4 Movie.

The Globally Known Back to the Future franchise wrapped up over 30 years ago, with BTTF Part 3. While there have been animated series, Universal rides, and games that expand this adventures world.

But that is not enough to kept people away from hoping that they might one day see Marty and Doc back on the BTTF 4.

Back to the Future 4 Real or Fake:

So as per information, Back to the Future is one of the few major properties to not be receive a ton of sequels, and BTTF co-writer Bob Gale has stated that there will not be a fourth film.

Speaking with Collider last year, Bob Gale said that they did not want to make a sequel for BTTF 4, that was little more than a cash grab, and that they had told a complete story with the original 3 films. Gale also states that audiences probably would not want to see a 60 year old Michael J. Fox with Parkinson ’s disease returning to the role.

The BTTF trilogy is pretty much perfect as it is, and we do not need a 4th installment, especially for the reasons that Bob Gale illustrates.

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