Famous Photo sharing application Instagram is soon going to levy subscription charges for exclusive content. Instagram Creators will benefit the most from this. Users in India will have to pay a subscription charge of Rs. 89 per month to watch exclusive content in Instagram.


Social media application Instagram is soon going to add subscription facility to its platform. Under this, users will have to pay a fixed charge for viewing exclusive content available on the Instagram platform. At present, no official information has been given by Instagram regarding the launch of this subscription feature.

This will be the subscription charge:

A TechCrunch report states that Instagram will soon launch a subscription feature for its top creators. In the US, the subscription charge will be kept between $0.99 and $4.99. Whereas users in India users will have to pay a subscription charge of Rs 89 per month for watching exclusive content.

After subscribing, Users will be able to watch live videos:

Instagram users will get to watch live videos and stories after buying the subscription plan. Not only this, after subscription users will also be able to send messages to creators.

Now talking about the Instagram creators, the creators will be greatly benefited by the introduction of the subscription feature. Creators will get a separate option on the Instagram interface, in which they will get details about which member’s subscription is active and any has expired. Along with this, creators will also be able to keep the subscription name according to their own.

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