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5 Free android apps that everyone should have on their phones

A smartphone is very powerful tool. But very few of us make the most out of the power we have in our smartphones. Today I will tell you about 5 free amazing apps that will make your smartphone more useful to you. I have used all the apps that I am going to talk about today. They are simply amazing. Here is the list of the 5 apps:

Important Free App For Android
Important Free App For Android

Important Free App For Android:

Scanner Go- It is an awesome app that helps you scan all kinds of documents. Sometimes it is difficult to capture documents clearly because of the small font and other related difficulties. But this app gives you clear and crisp scanned copies of documents. It also has the feature to convert the documents into PDF or JPEG format.

ReadEra- This app is perfect for anyone who loves to read books but wants to read them on a smartphone. It has very specific minute features which make this app super convenient for book readers.

Atom- If you want to get into the habit of mediation but always fail. Then Atom is the app you should go for. This is the app that makes it easy to get into the habit of meditation. They have structured their app according to science-backed research. This app not only helps you to build the habit of meditation but also helps you understand how you can build other habits too.

Evernote- If you are a student or a professional who is looking for an app that lets you make notes on your smartphone, then Evernote is perfect for you. It is a very good app for coherently organizing your notes. This app groups your notes into different books which makes it easier for you to find them afterwards.

ConfirmTkt- If you completely hate the interface of the IRCTC website and app then this app is for you. This app is super convenient to book tickets. All you need is your IRCTC User ID and password to book tickets. If you don’t have an IRCTC account then you can also create a new account through this app.



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