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8 Interesting facts about Google you should know

Google is a company we all know about. When we don’t have any idea about something we just Google it. Still, there are many cool things you may not know about Google. Here are some 8 interesting facts about Google:

Unknown facts About Google
Unknown facts About Google

Unknown Facts About Google: 

  1. Yahoo refused to buy Google

In 1998, the founders of Google approached Yahoo to sell Google for $1 million. Yahoo refused the offer. After this in 2002, Yahoo approached the founder of Google to buy Google for $3 million. This time Google’s founder demanded $5 million and the deal never happened.

  1. Google is owned by Alphabet Inc

Google has a parent company. But this was not always the case. Google was expanding its operations and it was too much to handle it all under one company. So the founder of Google decided to make a parent company named alphabet to make the operations of Google clean and clear.

  1. Google rents a herd of goats

Yes, you heard it right. Google rents a herd of 200 goats to mow the weeds around its head office. The employees say that it feels calming to see when looking out of the window.

  1. Google started off from a rented garage

This fact feels crazy but it’s true. When starting out, the founder rented the garage of one of his friends. The friend’s name is Susan Wojcicki, who is now the CEO of YouTube.

  1. Google’s was originally going to be named Backrub

The program analyzed the backlinks of the website to understand how important certain website was. That’s why the founders decided to name it backrub, but later they dropped this plan.

  1. Google is banned in China.

Even after being massively popular and useful. There is one country that doesn’t like Google. Even after having such a massive market share in the world, Google is banned by the Chinese government.

  1. Google owns misspelt names of its domains.

Google owns domains like,,, and more. It also owns 466453 .com, too.

  1. Google is the misspelling of the word googol.

Technology giant Google’s name originated from the misspelling of the word “googol” which is a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros.

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