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Cloud gaming will change the way we play games forever

This is not a new concept. Companies have been trying to implement it for decades now. But infrastructure was not good enough back then to support such a thing. But now things are different, infrastructure is way better and internet speeds are getting higher and higher every day. Cloud Gaming is becoming more and more popular and practical.

Cloud Gaming
Cloud Gaming

What is Cloud Gaming?

It can be easily understood by the example of streaming services like Netflix. Netflix has all the web series and movies stored on their servers, you don’t need to download these videos, you just buy their subscription and stream any movie you want to watch.

In the above case, the big files are stored on the server of Netflix, the same technology will be used for games.

Difference between Video Streaming and Cloud Gaming

The major difference is that videos don’t require high processing capability, it just requires storage on the server but the modern game requires high-tech hardware to run and also a system for low latency inputs from the user.

Difficulty in Cloud Gaming

This was the major difficulty previously was that companies had the hardware but due to low internet bandwidth they couldn’t transmit such a high level of output and taking input from users was also slow due to high latency.

Faster internet is solving these issues. As the internet gets faster, cheaper, and more accessible. Cloud Gaming will become more mainstream.

Different kinds of Cloud Gaming subscriptions

Various companies are offering cloud gaming services. Some of the big names include Google and Microsoft.

There are various variants of subscriptions available. Some are providing an all-in-one subscription where you don’t have to think about anything, you just need to pay a certain price and you will be able to play any game that is available in that subscription.

Others are providing you a kind of private cloud hardware that will run windows and you will be able to rent that system for private use. Then you will have to buy games separately.

The plus point in the second Variant is that you will own the games even after you leave the cloud gaming services of that particular company.

Subscription is to be based on your personal choice, and there are a lot of options available in the market.

Future of gaming and personal computing

The future of gaming and personal computing will possibly be based on cloud technology. The infrastructure is getting stronger and it reduces so much hassle. There are many other advantages to it such as:

  • You don’t need to buy expensive hardware.
  • You don’t need to maintain and update your system.
  • You can play games from basically any device because the processing happens somewhere else.
  • It’s not just about gaming, you can do video editing, and CAD-related work, it has a lot of potential.

The future of cloud gaming looks very bright.



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