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Top 6 Android Shortcuts you should definitely know

Around 70% of the world’s population uses Android-based smartphones. That’s a very huge number. Androids phones have become a crucial part of our life. There were days when phones were just meant to pick up calls and make a call. Now, we do all kinds of things with our smartphones. We send emails, run multiple social media accounts, and browse the internet, all through this single device. Still, we don’t know the various little shortcuts that the android operation system provides us.

Android Shortcuts
Android Shortcuts

Top 6 Android Shortcuts:

Today you will see some of the shortcuts which will make your android experience more convenient and quick.

Taking a screenshot

Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot of a thing very quickly and couldn’t do it? Now it won’t happen to you again. Whenever you want to take a screenshot of your display, just press the power button and volume down button together and you will get a screenshot immediately.

Refresh web page easily

Going to the menu and clicking the refresh button is very slow and boring. There is a faster and easier way to do it. Go completely to the top of the webpage and then slide your finger down, you will see a refresh icon coming down from the top of the webpage, slide down until that icon turns blue. Release it after that and your webpage will be refreshed.

Camera shortcut

You may have faced a situation where an interesting event is taking place and you wanted to take a pic of it quickly. But until you could have reached your camera the thing just got over. There is a faster way to open up the camera of your android smartphone. Every company has its own built-in gesture to reach the camera, find it out for your device by taking the help of the internet and you won’t miss a camera moment again.

Split-screen feature

This is a pretty cool feature available in smartphones. This feature helps you multitask by splitting your displays into two halves, and you can run two different apps on your screen. Every company has a different way of enabling this feature, you can search Google to find it for your particular device.

Polite way to reject a call

There are times when we can’t pick up a call. But outright rejecting the call can be rude. Instead, when the call comes, don’t reject it, rather you will find a messaging option in the incoming call notification, click on that you can send a pre-written message that you are busy, and you can also write a customized message very quickly.

Move to main settings from quick setting with ease

Pull down the notification bar to access quick settings. From there if you long-press any quick setting icon, it will directly take you to the main setting of that particular utility. This way you won’t have to search through the whole search menu of your phone.

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