Know all about Blogging : A solid way to earn money

What is blogging?

Posting articles, photos, and other media online by yourself is called blogging. It was not even called blogging originally, it was called “weblog”. Weblogs helped early internet users to log updates on the web. It was like a day-to-day journal on the internet. But people started getting interested in these logs and with the ability to post comments, logs became more interactive. Communities emerged around these logs and now we call them blogs, short form for “weblog”.


What does it need to open a blog?

You don’t need many things to open a blog. You will need an internet connection, a computer, a domain name, and a hosting service. It is not difficult to get a domain name and a hosting service, you can easily buy them on the internet or use free hosting services. After you set up a blog, you need to think about writing.

What will you write about?

You will need an interesting subject that you are passionate about. You will write your blog on that subject. The subject you choose is called your niche. It’s very important to choose the right niche for you. Because the type of audience you will attract will completely depend upon your niche. Also don’t pick a niche you have no knowledge about, because you will not be able to provide relevant content and people won’t read your blogs.

How do you earn money?

For earning money from your blogs, the first thing you need is an audience and views. After gaining a certain number of views and audience you can convert these views into money using various sources. Some of them are written down below.

Affiliate marketing

It’s also a very good way of earning money through your blogs. You can put affiliate links on your articles and if anybody buys a product through your link, you get a commission. Don’t put irrelevant affiliate links on your blogs, but the affiliate links of the products which are somehow related to what you talk about in your blogs.

Direct promotion

You can directly promote a brand or a product on your website and brands will pay you for that promotion.

Sell your own product and services

This is one of the reasons why many companies keep a blog section on their sites. Companies use their blogs to first inform people and then to show the company’s product. It helps a lot to boot sales of their products and services.


You will get money when you link your site with various online advertisement providing sites. These advertising providing companies shows ads to your viewers and then gives you money for the ads that run on your websites. Income through these sites completely depends upon the type of content you write and also the niche you write about. For example- niches like Insurance and Finance will get you much more money, in comparison to Spirituality or Philosophy.

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