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Interesting facts about Top mobile brands of the world

The mobile market has become much more competitive than it used to be a decade ago. It has changed a lot. With that change, some companies lost their market share to the point of extinction while other companies rose to the top. But in the end, more competition brings better products for consumers. It’s always a win-win situation for consumers when competition is high. Do you know what else is a win-win situation?

Facts on mobile brands
Facts on mobile brands

Interesting facts about Top mobile brands

So today I will tell you some unique facts about some famous mobile manufacturers we all know about.

Here they are:

Samsung was started as a grocery shop

None of us imagines a grocery shop when we hear or see the word Samsung. But Samsung really started as a shop that used to sell noodles and other grocery items in what we today know as south Korea. How this grocery shop became a tech giant is a story for another day.

Oppo, Vivo, One Plus, IQOO, all are owned by one company

This fact makes all these brands feel like they are deceiving us, but they do it for a reason. They show themselves as so different but they are actually owned by a single company. The reason behind this is that they target different audiences, for example, Oppo and Vivo target audiences who want good cameras, One Plus is a flagship brand and IQOO is for Genz who wants to play a game.

Most iPhones cost only half the price to make as compared to the price they are sold

You have heard it right, iPhone’s hardware generally costs apple half of the price for which Apple sells their phone. But there is a big reason behind it. Apple doesn’t provide you just the hardware, they provide you a seamless experience, their software is of very high quality. So it’s not always about the hardware cost.

Displays of iPhones are made by Samsung

A single company can’t specialize in everything. The same goes for Apple. So when it comes to good quality displays, apple buys them from Samsung and other mobile manufacturers.

Nokia was started as a paper production company

Nokia has derived its name from the river which was situated near the first factor of Nokia. It started off as a paper manufacturer but expanded to rubber and electronics. Currently, Nokia is completely an electronics company.

Apple phone always shows 9.41 am in every commercial

The reason behind this is that the original iPhone was introduced by Steve jobs at that time. So it is a kind of tribute to the founder of the Apple company.

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