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Hard Disk vs SSD, what should you buy for your computer?

When it comes to the storage of your PC, you will always have to decide whether to buy a Hard disk or an SSD. Both have their pros and cons and it is sometimes really confusing which one you really need.


So Today, you will get to have a brief knowledge about both of them. This knowledge would be enough for you to decide whether to buy a Hard Drive or an SSD.

Hard Disk

Hard Disk is a type of non-volatile storage device, also called HDD (Hard Disk Drive). Non-volatile means that it will keep the data even when the power is shut off. Before SSD become affordable and popular, HDDs were the main storage device people used to have on their computers. HDDs have a disc inside which spins very fast and the disc is read and written upon to access data.


  • They are cheaper than SSDs
  • They usually have more capacity than SSDs.


  • More prone to data loss if they fall, as there are mechanical parts inside.
  • Lower speed compared to SSD
  • They take more space than SSDs.


SSDs also known as Solid State Drives, are a newer generation of storage devices. SSDs work on flash memory which makes them much faster. They contain many NAND flash chips which together form the storage. SSDs used to be very expensive and were only used in a supercomputer, but recent innovation has made them more reliable and affordable. They work very differently from a Hard Drive and are more like RAM.


  • They are way faster than Hard Drives.
  • They are more resilient from damage when dropped or while shipping.
  • They have a much smaller form factor than Hard Disk.


  • They are expensive.
  • They usually have less storage capacity.

What should i buy HDD or SSD?

There are three options and let’s understand them quickly:

Only HDD – If you don’t want very high performance and are also low on budget then buy one HDD. If you use the computer for normal work and you don’t care much if files load a bit slower every time then go for HDD, it will be light on your pocket and you will be able to store way more.

Only SSD – If you can’t wait when loading windows, you don’t want your games to load slower, you want everything on your PC to happen as fast as possible, go for an SSD. But it is important to note that SSDs have usually less storage as compared to HDDs and if you want an SSD which a high capacity, you will have to pay a hefty price.

SSD+HDD – This is a much more common thing to do now. When you use this type of configuration, you take the best of both worlds. You will get fast booting time, but with that, you will also have access to higher storage capacity. In this configuration, you install windows in SSD.

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