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How much Ram do you need on your Computer

We often find ourselves in this dilemma of how much Ram should we purchase. It happens multiple times in our life that we lookout to buy a new desktop or a laptop. But when it comes to buying a ram for it, we seemed to be puzzled. We feel undecided between 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, or 32GB. We don’t want to buy ram which is more than necessary but we also want to ensure that the system does not lag.

How much Ram do i need on your Computer
How much Ram do i need on your Computer

So today I will try to help you make a decision so that when you decide to purchase a pc next time, you have a clear decision about the ram you want to purchase.

How much Ram do you need:

I will talk about 4 categories one by one:

4GB RAM – I won’t recommend anyone to buy 4 GB ram in 2022. 4-to 5 years back 4GB ram was enough for day-to-day use. But now it’s not good enough even for lightweight tasks. Still, I am talking about it for the people who are on a tight budget. If you are short on money, then buy a single ram stick of 4GB, afterwards when you have money, buy another 4GB stick.

8GB RAM – If you want a computer for day-to-day use. Nothing very fancy, something like normal office work, then buy a computer with 8GB ram, it will be sufficient. You can also do light to medium weight gaming with it if you have a GPU or integrated graphics.

16GB RAM – If you have some heavy work to do with your computer then buy 16 GB ram. It will be suitable for short and medium-length video editing and CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software. You will also be able to game in medium settings with it.

32GB RAM – If you don’t want to compromise in any way. If you want to have enough ram to run almost all applications buy 32GB of ram. It will be good enough, for extensive video editing and a high level of gaming.

Ram for a specific application

Still, if you are confused about how much Ram to buy and you have to work with a specific application on the computer. Then search for the system requirements of that particular application on the internet and you will easily find how much Ram to buy.

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