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How to type faster on a keyboard?

There is only one way to type very fast on keyboards. The method is known as “touch typing.” Touch Typing refers to typing without looking on the keyboard and in this method each finger has its section of keys. This makes typing way more faster than looking down and typing with only two fingers.


But the problem with most people is that they don’t know how to learn and practice touch typing. Today this problem of yours will be solved because today you will know 5 websites which will help you learn and practice touch typing.

Before telling you the websites I would like to tell you 3 things which you will have to do otherwise you won’t be able to learn touch typing.

How to type faster on a keyboard:

Three things to keep in mind.

  • Always use the specified finger for the specified key. If you do not follow this you will not be able to build muscle memory for your fingers. It is completely ok if you are very slow in the beginning, it will take time because some of our fingers are not so flexible. But surely with some time, you will be much faster than two-finger typing.
  • Don’t look down on the keyboard. If you look down on the keyboard while typing you will never have the confidence that you can be typing without looking down and touch typing won’t work for you.
  • Focus on accuracy instead of speed. This is the mistake beginners do while learning touch typing, they want to type fast. This will not be productive at all, you should completely ignore your speed for the first couple of weeks. Let your fingers build muscle memory, and become more comfortable in typing with all 10 fingers, after that you can somewhat try to increase your speed.

Websites that will help you learn and practice touch typing It is a website that uses algorithms to help you learn to type in a better way. It assesses your weak words and won’t give you more keys to type until you get better in a certain group of keys and slowly it will help you get better with all the keys. It is a great website to have 1-minute drills. They have simple words that we have to use daily while writing. This website will help you create a flow and confidence in touch typing. This website also has small typing tests. But in addition to that, you will also have the option to learn typing in a course format. This website also has an option to type your testing speed and accuracy with a separate touch typing course. This has a little more polished UI when compared to Monkeytype is a minimalistic typing test, featuring many test modes, an account system to save your typing speed history, and user-configurable features like themes, a smooth caret, and more.

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