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Internet from Space : Satellite Internet

You can get internet through space, that’s true. If you are not aware of this technology read this article till the end to understand how this technology works and how anyone in the world can receive the internet directly from space.

Satellite Internet
Satellite Internet

What is Satellite Internet?

As the name suggests it’s internet from a satellite. It’s a completely different way of getting internet in which you have a satellite dish at your home just like a dish for your TV. Your ISP (Internet Service Provider) transmits the signal to the satellite and the satellite receives and then transmits the signal to the satellite dish you have at your home, after this the reverse of this happens and the whole system works out this way to make it all operational.

How it is different from your normal internet?

Every kind of internet we use is somehow connected to optic fibers. When you use broadband or DSL internet, the cable comes directly to your home. When you use the internet through your phone, it may seem like the internet is coming completely wirelessly but the truth is the internet in that case is coming through towers which are again, connected through the optical fibre.

Satellite Internet is completely wireless from your ISP (Internet Service Provider) to your home, through space.

How cool!!!

So should we all buy satellite internet connection then?

The answer to this question is a big No. Satellite Internet has some big weak points which make it unsuitable for common people like us. It has its specific use for specific people.

Internet through satellite is still not very well developed to compete with broadbands internet.

Here are some weak points:

  • ¬†Comparatively more expensive
  • With high latency, you can not play online games.
  • Generally, low internet speed when compared to broadband.

So who should buy satellite internet then?

It’s completely for people who live in extremely remote locations, places where cable internet is not available or if available it is of very poor quality.

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