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Is iPhones better than Androids, Know Here

No one doubts that Apple’s iPhones are the best smartphones you can get on the market. Although android has around 70 percent market share around the world, this stat does not tell you the whole story. This massive market share is not because of android’s performance or convenience. Android’s are dominating the market just because they are cheap and are universal in some sense. If it was not so, apple would have captured the whole smartphone market of the world.

Apple Vs Android
Apple Vs Android

But why is it, that Apple produces so good of a smartphone that even Android users cannot deny that iPhones are way better than Android phones?

Is iPhones better than Android Phone:

Today you will know some reasons why iPhones are simply better than Androids

Better coordination between hardware and software

Apple creates everything from scratch for their smartphones. Google has created Android OS and a bunch of smartphones (by assembling parts from other manufacturers), but they do create hardware for Android devices, even the key component like processors are created mostly by Mediatek and Qualcomm. Apple creates hardware mostly by themselves, they create their chips, and they create their iOS operating system, that’s why they have much more control over their smartphones.

Regular Updates

Android devices are made by many manufacturers and phone manufacturers add flavors to android os, so Google cannot release an update for all android phones as the operating system is not pure android on all phones. There is no variation in iOS, they just have updates, in addition to this, they only make a couple of smartphone versions every year, so it is way easier for a user to have their iPhones updated.

Simple and easy UI

As iPhones do not have different flavors like android, they don’t get altered very fast. This is the reason it easy so easy to learn to operate iPhones.

Better security

Apple markets the iPhone as a secure smartphone. Because iPhones are more secure when compared to Android devices. iPhones are hard to Jailbreak, and the storage is also encrypted. Androids can easily be rooted and data can be easily stolen from them.

No bloatware

Apple charges much more while selling their phone. But there is a good reason behind it, they don’t give you phones with pre-installed unnecessary bloatware.

Better connectivity with all apple devices

Apple uses Continuity which helps iPhones to connect with all other Apple devices seamlessly. You can use various services like AirDrop, Universal clipboard, Handoff e.t.c across multiple Apple devices. This makes the user experience much more smooth and more convenient.

Even though iPhones have so many great things to offer, still they will not be able to beat Android near future. The reason is very simple that is iPhones are expensive. It doesn’t matter how good iPhones perform, most people in the world don’t have money to afford Apple products. This is the reason Apple products are used by high-income people only.

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