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5 Tips to stop getting distracted by your smartphone

A smartphone is a powerful tool. Smartphones have been beneficial to us in various ways. But it is also true that social media companies have tried their best to make us stick to our phones for the whole day. Unfortunately, they seem to be winning. People have become addicted to their smartphones, they keep checking the notifications and every trivial update they get.

Smartphone Addiction
Smartphone Addiction

But we need to take control of it, after all, it is us who should use these smartphones not the opposite of it.

How to Stop Distraction by Phone:

These are the 5 tips that will help you do that:

Uninstall the app

It is the easiest to remove unwanted distractions from your smartphone. You need to make sure that you don’t have useless apps on your phones. It is easy to uninstall an app, just hold on to the particular app you want to uninstall and an uninstall option will automatically appear.

Disable the notifications

If you don’t want unnecessary notifications from a particular app, you can easily disable notifications for that particular app. There is an article you can find on our website which will help you disable the notification. It’s quite easy to do.

Use browser instead of apps

This is also a good way to keep away from unnecessary distractions. Let’s say, you want to search for a video on YouTube, don’t do it with the YouTube app, there are many addictive elements on the YouTube app, and it is so convenient and comfortable that you will keep scrolling, instead just use your phone’s browser for a task like this.

Put the phone in silent mode

This is a very underrated feature every phone company provides. If you want to focus on your work and you don’t want any kind of distraction then simply put your phone on silent for that particular time frame. It is a work of just one click.

Use time tracker apps

These smartphone habits are mostly subconscious. It happens sometimes that we find ourselves scrolling Youtube or Instagram and we can’t remember when we opened the app. We waste hours on these apps daily, for no good reason. There are lots of time tracker apps that can help you break these habits. You can easily get them on the google play store.

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Mukul Gupta
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