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Google Play Store “Download Pending” problem solved

It is so annoying when you want to download an app and Play store gets stuck on “download pending.” Every app has some bugs and the play store is no different. Often it happens that we are unable to download any app from the play store. If it has happened to you read this article till the end and you will no longer have this problem on your phone.

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

Google Play Store “Download Pending” Problem Solution:

Here are things you to do to solve this problem

Restart your phone

This seems like not so effective a solution but it works. Just restart your phone and then again try to download something from the play store app. Still not working? read the next solution.

Check download settings

There may be some problems with your download settings. To make sure that it is correct, go to the Google id icon you see on the opening screen of your play store app. Click on Settings, and from there go to “network preference”. Select over any network in the “App download preference.” Restart the app and try downloading the app. Keep reading if it doesn’t work after changing settings.

Check if other apps are getting updated

If it still does not work, maybe some other app is lined up to get updated. So go to “Manage apps and device” in the play store settings. In the ” Updates available” option, go to “see details”, here click on cancel all to stop if any app is getting updated.

Try clearing cache and data

Long press the play store icon, got to app info, open storage, clear cache, and data. Now again try downloading an app.

Download from the Google Play Store website

Still if the app is not working you should try another method to install an app. Search for Google play store on the web and go to the play store website and install the app from there.

Download apps from other sites

If Google is in no mood to let you install an app, this is the final thing you can do to get an app installed. There are plenty of online websites which let you download pretty much any app that is available on the google play store. Try to download from some reputable online site because some sites may contain viruses.

I hope this article helps you comment down below on the method that solved your problem. Also, share any other method that personally worked for you.

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