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Top 10 Smartphone processors that you can have

Gone are the days when Mobile processors were considered weak. Today’s smartphones have Processors which are highly powerful and efficient. They have specs that can be compared to desktop-grade CPUs. That’s why now you need to compare mobile processors as you compare before buying desktop CPUs. Today we will see the top 10 smartphone processors of 2022.


Top Smartphone Processors:

Here is the list of top smartphone processors.

A 15 Bionic

This processor is designed by Apple. This chip is 64-bit arm-based processor and you will find it in iPhone 13 and 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, iPad Mini, and iPhone SE.

Dimensity 9000

It is a CPU by MediaTek, MediaTek is famous for making processors for Android smartphones. This CPU has 8 cores that run at three different clock speeds.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

The snapdragon series is manufactured by Qualcomm, they are very famous for their smartphone processor. This processor has 5G capabilities and this one also has 8 cores and the cores run at three different speeds.

A 14 Bionic

This processor is designed by Apple. You will find it in the fourth-generation iPad Air, as well as iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Snapdragon 888 plus

It is also an 8-core CPU from Snapdragon. This CPU is manufactured on 5-nanometer technology and has 5g capabilities.

Exynos 2200

Samsung is famous for its Exynos series. They manufacture processors specifically for their own flagship devices. It is also an 8-core processor.

Snapdragon 888

Another flagship processor by Qualcomm. This processor has 8 cores, a 5G modem, and Adreno 660 GPU. It is based on 5 nm technology.

Dimensity 8100

This is a slightly old flagship processor of Mediatek, still great though. This also has 8 cores as other flagships have. This has a Mali g610 mc6 GPU and is based on 5nm manufacturing technology.

Google Tensor

As the name suggests, it’s a processor from Google. It also has 8 cores like most others on the list. It has a 20-core GPU and is based on Samsung’s 5nm technology.

Kirin 9000

It is a processor made by Hisilicon and it is arm based processor like every other processor we see here. Same 8-cores configuration to give you that flagship power.

All the processors on the list are the best you can get in your smartphone. If you have one of them on your smartphone, you can rest assured that you have one of the most powerful smartphones available on the market.

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