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Types of Computer Keyboards

We all use keyboards every day. As computers have become a part of our daily life, so is the case with keyboards. There are a variety of keyboards that are present in the market, you may not know all the types of keyboards that you can choose from.


That’s why today in this article, you will get to know all the types of keyboards technologies that are present in the world.

Keyboards are broadly classified into 8 types. These types are given below, you will be using one of the types of keyboards given in the list. Try to find which one you are using.

Types of Computer Keyboards:

Here is the list of 8 types of keyboards:

Membrane keyboard

There are two types of membrane-based keyboards, flat-panel membrane keyboards, and full-travel membrane keyboards.

The buttons on the oven or photocopy machines use this technology of flat-panel membrane.

Full-travel membrane keyboards are the most common computer keyboards. If there is a rubber membrane inside your keyboard then you have this kind of keyboard.

Dome-switch keyboard

This type of switch technology happens to be most commonly used in handheld controllers, mobile phones, automotive, consumer electronics, and medical devices. Dome-switch keyboards are also called direct-switch keyboards.

Scissor-switch keyboard

Scissor-switch is found on the built-in keyboards on laptops and keyboards marketed as ‘low-profile.’

Mechanical-switch keyboard

Mechanical keyboards typically have a longer lifespan than membrane or dome-switch keyboards. They are very famous among gamers. They are also often very loud. They are often built on metal chassis and have bright LEDs built-in.

Hot-swappable keyboard

Any keyboard in which keys can be replaced without the use of a solder connection is a hot-swappable keyboard. This type of keyboard is used by keyboard enthusiasts to create custom-built keyboards.

Buckling-spring keyboard

This type of keyboard is used mostly by typists. This keyboard has a tactile feel and the key springs back to its place after you click it.

Laser projection keyboard

This is a really interesting type of keyboard. There are no physical keys present on this keyboard. An image of keys is projected through a device to a flat surface, and when the image of a key is touched on the surface the sensors detect the hand movement, and in this way this keyboard works. This is the coolest type of keyboard.

Roll-up keyboard

This type of keyboard can be completely rolled because of its flexibility. This keyboard is flexible because of the flexible silicone of polyutherate materials. This keyboard is very hard to get used to. However, it is waterproof.

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