5 Apps every student should have on his phone

We all use smartphones basically for hours on end. We all do different work and so we also use our phones differently. The same goes for students. Students use smartphones to take notes, set alarms, set study reminders, access books and documents, and also to have online classes and so on.

Apps for Students
Apps for Students

These activities are really crucial for a student and they want the best apps to perform these activities. Apps that are reliable and convenient so that students can focus on what is most important for them i.e. studies.

That’s why today we will see five such apps that students should definitely have. These apps will make their study more convenient and efficient.

Useful Apps for Students:

Here are the apps.


The app is simply amazing to take notes and arranging your writings. This app has lots of cool features. You can make separate notebooks in this app and you can also make all kinds of notes in it. There are also various template options available to choose from. If you do a lot of note-taking, Evernote is a good platform to do that.


If you have a hard time waking up in the morning, download Alarmy from Google Play Store. This app won’t let you oversleep. This app has various kinds of features to make sure that you wake up at right time. This app has various little games which will wake you up in the morning and if you don’t complete the games, the Alamry will not let you get away easily, the sound of the Alarm will get higher and higher and you will eventually wake up. These little tasks Include shaking your phone aggressively and solving maths sums.


You may think that this app should not be on the list but hear me out. YouTube is not all about entertainment only. There are a ton of great education channels on youtube. I have also posted an article on the hidden features of YouTube, use that article. Search for relevant education channels, subscribe to them, and also make a relevant personal playlist and use the watch later feature. It will definitely help you.

Vocab 24

It’s a great app to learn English. It gives you the top vocabulary words to learn on daily basis. It also helps you read various articles from a newspaper which not only help you in improving your English but also get you a better general awareness.

Days Counter

It is another very cool app that lets you count days, weeks, months, or even years. This app is very helpful to remind yourself about how many days are left for a certain exam. So you can prepare well before time. You can also set a widget on the home screen after feeding the information in the app and then every time you will open your phone, you will be reminded about the days left for the exam.

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