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5 Amazing tips to try while using Gmail

Most of us use Gmail to send important emails to each other. We have to send emails to our bosses, our clients, universities, any other kind of formal conversation, and so on. Mails have been the primary way of formal conversation for a long time. We have been sending electronics mails to each other for years now. Even though the email companies have created various new features with time to help us in sending emails, we don’t know much about them. We send the emails in our old inefficient ways.

Gmail Tricks
Gmail Tricks

New Gmail Tips And Tricks:

So today you will learn 5 cool tricks that will help you send emails more efficiently.

Smart compose feature

This feature lets Gmail AI guess what you want to write. So the AI suggests you right word to type. In a way, it completes a part of your sentence by guessing it. When you write something it will give you a suggestion, it will be slightly lighter in color than the text you have written, and you will be able to apply that suggestion by pressing the Tab button. When you press the tab, it automatically writes the suggestion.

To enable this feature go to settings in your Gmail and look for “Smart Compose in email”, turn this feature on and Gmail will start suggesting words to write.

Schedule an email to be sent later

Have you ever wanted to send an email later due to the reason of going out for traveling, or because of some other reasons. Gmail has got you covered for that. To use this feature click on the little arrow present on the send button, and you will see an option to schedule it for later. Set a timer and your message will be sent at the exact time.

Unsend an email in Gmail

You have done a mistake in writing an email. Maybe you wrote the wrong subject or you send it to the wrong person. This mistake can be undone. Gmail gives you the feature to unsent an email under a time frame of 30 seconds, not more than that. If you think you have made some mistake, undo it under 30 seconds.

To enable this feature or to extend the time frame to undo an email, go to settings and you will find an option to turn this feature on.

Self-destructing emails

This is one interesting feature you can use while mailing something to people that you want to get self-destructed after a certain period of time. You can enable this feature with the help of a clock you see on the bottom toolbar when you compose an email.

Put your Gmail on snooze

It’s sometimes overwhelming when lots of emails come in together. When you want a break from your emails you can snooze your Gmail for a set amount of time. Activate Google’s snooze feature present in Gmail to stop getting notifications for a certain period of time which is set by you.

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