Free online tools and sites you will wish you knew already

We all sometimes need to do very small but important things, like downloading a small YouTube video, cropping a photo, or maybe taking a screenshot of a webpage. These are very small things to do, but when we don’t find the right tool to do it, it becomes very frustrating.

Online Tools
Online Tools

So today I have come up with 4 free online tools which will definitely come in handy when you need them:


It’s a good tool for people who write a lot. You can write online on Grammarly’s site and it will check errors for you and will also give you suggestions. It is also available as a chrome extension and a mobile app which makes it extremely convenient. With a small amount of money, you can also buy its premium service for some extra cool features.


Canva is an online tool that converts any normal person into a graphics designer. It can edit all kinds of photos for you and you can do various other things with it too. You can make a resume, Instagram posts, invoices, and much more.

Screenshot Extension

There are various extensions that you can easily install in your computer’s browser for this purpose. Search for a screenshot Extension online and you will get a whole list of it. It becomes really helpful when you want to screenshot something on the web.

Copyright free media sites

If you create content online. You are always in need of attractive copyright-free images, music, and also videos. You can find numerous great sites for all three. Just search “Copyright free music/images/ videos” on the internet and you will find what you want very easily.

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