What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a wide range of services delivered over the internet or what in other words is called a “Cloud”. Cloud Computing involves the storage, access, and processing of data. In Cloud Computing all the physical components involved are present in a remote location very far off from you and you just access the particular information or data you need through the internet.

Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

Before Cloud Computing was a thing, handling a large number of files and large amounts of data was a big issue for businesses. Businesses had to maintain their private servers, which was costly and was not as efficient and fast as the Cloud Computing services are. Cloud Computing had drastically cut down the cost of handling a large amount of data with minimal IT and maintenance resources.

Types of Cloud Computing:

There are three types of cloud computing deployment models: private cloud, public cloud, and hybrid cloud.

Private cloud

As the name suggests these servers are completely owned by private entities. This kind of setup provides a high degree of control. The physical components are either separately place inside a big data center or businesses build their private cloud on their premises. These kinds of clouds are highly customized for private use. Everything from architecture to security protocols is decided by the private entity which owns that server. These kinds of clouds are used by businesses and organization that deals with very confidential information and have their ways of storing things in the cloud.

Public cloud

It is a type of cloud where resources are shared among people. Various cloud services that are offered to individuals can be categorized under this. Services such as google cloud, and Gmail come under this. This has made storage very cheap and remotely accessible for the general public. They can go anywhere in the world and just with the help of the internet they can access their files from these clouds.

Hybrid cloud

This is a combination of Private Cloud and Public Cloud. The data that is very important and needs more control is stored on a Private cloud whereas large chunks of data that do not need as much control are stored on Public clouds. This helps companies lower the costs as they require smaller Private clouds because most of the data can be stored on Public Clouds.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

  • Cheaper than maintaining your own servers.
  • Softwares have become very lightweight because all the resources are saved on servers.
  • No need to worry about space, you can buy more storage on the go.
  • Data is redundantly saved in multiple locations so no worries about data corruption.
  • It has made cloud gaming possible.

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