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What is RAM and why do we need it?

We always check for RAM capacity, while buying a new PC, Laptop, or Phone. We all somehow know that more RAM means more performance, a faster user interface, and all that good stuff.

Computer RAM
Computer RAM

But do we know why our computer needs RAM? Do we understand how our smart devices use this RAM?

Today you will know the answers to these questions and will know something new about RAMs that are inside your PCs, laptops, and phones.

Why do your computers need RAM?

You have learned in your school textbooks that computers take input from us, process it, and give us the output.

RAM has something to do with the input side of things. When you are running software on your computer or playing a high-speed game, your processor needs to load things very quickly, for that information needs to flow quickly to your CPU to give you an output as quickly as possible. RAM (Random Access Memory) provides this fast access to certain data which CPU needs frequently.

Whenever you load an application, the data which will be used very frequently gets stored in the RAM temporarily (for the time that you use your computer) and provides the CPU with what it wants.

Now you know why our PCs need RAM.

RAM Latest Update:

It has been a long since the DDR4 technology was introduced in the market. We have been using it for seven years now. We have seen lots of improvement in GPUs, processors, and storage devices, but the RAM remained the same. Nothing exciting happened, but recently with the launch of DDR5 RAMs things have become spicier.

DDR5 offers double the frequency compared to its predecessor DDR4, Intel is the first one to have launched CPUs that support DDR5 memory. With DDR4 technology we could only have 32GB of RAM on a single stick but with DDR5 we have the potential to have 128 GB of RAM on a single RAM stick. RAM frequency has also improved a lot. This will help in the performance of all upcoming computers.

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