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Crickex – Online Sports Betting With Birthday Bonus & Unlimited Referal Bonuses.

If you are a fan of cricket and like to bet on it, Crickex is the one site for you! Cricket betting s, in fact, the best feature of the site. The site has got casinos, slots, and also sports betting. Crickex is a very popular site in the world of online gambling. However, it is still a very popular and good site for fans of online betting on sports.


Notably, the site has a big user base in India and Bangladesh. This is also because of the big fan base of cricket in these countries. There are a lot of other factors too that make Crickex ideal for these users.

Crickex: A brief Overview

Crickex has options to cash in and out in the local currencies of both India and Bangladesh. Further, their customer support operates in the languages of the countries. These are English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Kannada, etc. All this makes it very good for the fans in India and Bangladesh. Hence, the site has a lot of users from these two countries.

While cricket betting is the main focus of the site it does have a lot of options in casinos and slots. Like any other online casino site, Crickex also will ask you to register before you can start using the site. It is, however, very easy because of the smooth user experience and easy design of the site.

Lastly, one thing to note is that you should provide our name, phone number, and email correctly. This is because this info is used by the site when you cash money in or out from the site. Third-party apps are not an option for money transfers on the site.

Crickex Birthday Bonus

Crickex offers a Birthday Bonus for their Customers. You will get a 1000 INR bonus with a 10X wagering requirement every year on Crickex on your birthday. 10X means that you will have to earn at least 10,000 INR before you can cash out your wins via the bonus. Aso you will have to win this amount within 30 days of claiming the bonus.

To avail this bonus you should also have deposited at least 5000 INR on your account in the last three months. Also, you have to contact support via live chat seven days before pr after your birthday. Further, your birth date will be verified with your ID document before you receive the bonus.

Crickex Unlimited Referral Bonuses Offers

Refer a friend is a customer referral programme that allows you to earn extra money. You will be earning INR 200 for one person, if you will be able to make your friend deposit INR 1000 and meet the 5000 INR turnover requirement within 5 days of joining.

To avail this offer you must have an account on Crickex. Next, you will have to invite a friend using your referral link to join the site. If your friend joins the site and deposits 1000 INR and 5000 INR turnover requirements, both of you will get an INR 200 bonus. Also as a player, you can refer to as many friends as you want. As long as they meet all the requirements you will be rewarded  for each referral.

How does the Refer A Friend program works?

  • Create an account on Crickex.
  • Next create your referral link and share the link via msg, email or any media andInvite your friends to join Crickexthorugh the link.
  • If your friend signup on Crickex through your link, he will be counted as your refferer.
  • Then he needs to deposit INR 1000 and complete INR 5000 turnover within 5 days from sign up date.
  • You and your friendwill receive INR 200 each once your friend completes INR 1000 deposit and INR 5000 turnover requirement.
  • Players are allowed to refer to as many friends as possible.

Crickex other offers

Weekly lucky draw

Cricket announces a winner every week for the weekly lucky draw. The winner gets an iPhone 13 64GB model. Further to buy the lucky draw ticket you will have to deposit 1000 INR. Each such deposit will give you a ticket.

A few more things to note are that a ticket is valid only for the week in which you get it. Winners are announced every Monday by the site. As the decision made by the site for the winners is final and will not be changed.


Crickex is a very reliable site for Indians and Bangladeshis. It takes the local currencies so players don’t lose money when switching currencies. Further, it has very good bonus offers and a large user base in these two countries.

With its focus on Cricket, the site has built a lot of fan base in India and Bangladesh. So, if you like betting on sports and live in India or Bangladesh, Crickex is the place to be!



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