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5 Alternatives of Google Chrome

Everyone uses Chrome. It is good, developed by Google, convenient and reliable. But isn’t there any other good browser? There are good browsers but we ignore them and maybe we are missing out on various cool features that these other browsers have.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Today in this article you will get to know about some of the Chrome alternatives that you should try at least once. Who knows, maybe you start liking them and never go back to Chrome again.

Alternatives of Google Chrome

Here is the list of alternatives to Google Chrome


This browser is even older than Chrome itself. There are lots of Chrome-like features in this browser and even more. This is snappy even on the modest hardware. There is also a data sync option available on this browser that you can use. It also supports a wide variety of extensions.

Brave Browser

This is a browser for people that do not want to be tracked by any website whatsoever. This browser is privacy-centric. All the features that it offers are mostly related to enhancing your privacy and protecting your personal data. It also provides you with an ad-blocker and helps you save data.

Opera GX

Opera GX is a browser for gamers. This Browser has a very modern game-like look. It also has a limiter to limit the RAM, CPU, and network usage of the browser so you don’t have any interruption while playing games. If you are a gamer, you should check out this browser.


This is another browser like Brave. Extremely privacy-centric and aimed at blocking any kind of tracking of your searches. It also deletes all your search history in a single click.

Microsoft Edge

If you have a new version of Windows then must definitely have an Edge installed on your computer. It is a browser from the well-known company, Microsoft. It also has vast support for extensions like Chrome.




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