Artificial Intelligence: Machines may surpass human intelligence in the future

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?

It is very easy to understand what AI means. When a machine or computer performs a task imitating human-like intelligence, it is called Artificial Intelligence. It is human-like intelligence, which is getting created artificially, how cool is that?

Artificial Intelligence is a word that has gained popularity in the recent decade only, thanks to the massive advertisement budgets of big tech companies. However, AI dates back to the 1950s when Alan Turning, a computer scientist, proposed Turing Test. Turing Test was proposed to check a machine’s ability to exhibit human-like intelligence. Even to think that a machine can show human-like intelligence is impressive for someone in the 1950s.

How powerful is AI today?

AI is more powerful than normal people understand it to be. However, the power and effectiveness of AI depend on the specific functions they are required to execute. AI, on one hand, is driving self-driving cars but on the other hand, it is weak in various other frontiers.

Common applications of AI

Voice Assistants – All the voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant uses AI to understand language. It is sometimes mindblowing, how they understand what we are saying. They also come back with very witty replies sometimes, just like humans.

Autonomous Vehicles – You don’t need to put your hands on the steering wheels and the car will take you to almost where you want. However, it is not completely true today, but we are very close to it. What autonomous vehicles are doing even now is still fascinating, let alone what they will be able to do in the upcoming future.

Chatbots – It is very hard to solve the issue of thousands of customers at a time by a company. Chatbots are playing a helpful role in informing customers about various FAQs they have.

Agriculture – Artificial Intelligence is used to identify defects and nutrient deficiencies in the soil. This is done using computer vision, robotics, and machine learning applications, AI can analyze where weeds are growing. AI bots can help to harvest crops at a higher volume and faster pace than human laborers.

Types of AI

Based on capabilities, AI can be divided into three types that are:

  • Narrow AI: It is capable of completing dedicated tasks with intelligence. The current stage of AI is narrow AI.
  • General AI: Artificial General Intelligence or AGI defines the machines that can show human intelligence.
  • Super AI: Super AI refers to self-aware AI with cognitive abilities that surpass that of humans. It is a level where machines can do any task that a human can do with cognitive properties.

AI is growing more rapidly than ever. Still, we can not estimate when and whether it will be able to surpass human intelligence or not. But, some intelligent people like Elon Musk think that AI will overtake human intelligence even before the end of this decade.

However, these are all just speculations and we can not rely on them completely.

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