PC vs Consoles: What should you buy?

There always has been a long drawn war between PC and Console games. It can not be any other way as it is very hard to choose between them. Both PCs and consoles have very attractive features. That makes everyone confused.

PC vs Console
PC vs Console

There are some features in PCs that are loved by everyone but are not in consoles and vice versa. These all things make it tough to choose one between both. Some people even buy both because of that. But not everyone has that kind of money lying around.

PC vs Consoles:

So today we will look into it with as many perspectives as we can.


Consoles are always priced somewhere in the neighborhood of low to mid-range PCs. This makes them very compelling. However, this low price comes with a cost, that you will understand later in this article.


Consoles have some exclusives which everyone wants to play. But these exclusives are either never released for PC gamers or are released after a few years, which can be a real pain. If you are crazy about some particular game title that you cannot miss and it is exclusive. Then you will have to buy a console.


Performance wise consoles can never beat high-end PCs. Because of this gaming experience with consoles can never be as good as on PCs. However, console games are highly optimized and they can run a wide variety of games. But you will have to manage low-quality graphics with modern games. So choose PC if you want to play on high settings.

Reparability & Upgradability

Consoles are cheap, all the components are soldered on the PCB. On the other hand, PC components are very high quality. Consoles can not be upgraded except for their Hard drives and SSDs. But PCs are highly upgradeable and repairable.

Ease of use

Consoles are easy to use as they are made keeping the users in mind. Users of all ages can use consoles because they are very easy to play on.


Consoles are very compelling when it comes to portability but there is a big but. If you compare consoles with gaming laptops, portability POV favors laptops, which as we all know are PCs.

These are different points of view which I could think of. If you have any other point of view which is very important in deciding whether to buy a PC or a Laptop, let us know in the comment section.

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