Types of a Computer Mouse

All mouses look identical, nobody even looks at them now. But it is not this way at all. Normal users may have mice that look almost the same, but there are various different kinds of mice that are available.

Types of Computer Mouse
Types of Computer Mouse

Types of Computer Mouse

Today we will try to cover all the different kinds of computer mice.

Wired Mouse

Most common average-looking mouse. This kind of mouse can be found everywhere very easily. It is cheap and it works, there is nothing special about this kind of mouse. It has a left and right click and a scroll wheel, nothing else.

Wireless Mouse

It is the same as a Wired Mouse but just without the cable. Wireless Mouse uses wireless technology to work. They either work with Wifi or Bluetooth. Wireless Mouse increases the convenience as there are no wires to take care of.

Ball/Mechanical Mouse

These are not used now. The mouse used today are Optical Mouse. These mouses have a big rubber ball which rolls as you move the mouse. They are really outdated and people even don’t remember them now.

Laser Mouse

Most mice we use today are Optical Mouse. Laser Mouse is not very popular because they are not as accurate as Optical Mouse, but Laser Mouse have their own use case. They are good at plastic or glass surfaces, where Optical Mouse fails to perform.


It is not a mouse but can be said to be an alternative to the mouse. A mouse can not fit in laptops as we all know. So companies came up with something called a touchpad. Touchpads are kind of a small box surface on a laptop that is touch-sensitive. They are easy to use.

Trackball Mouse

It looks like a big inverted Ball Mouse. For using it you roll the ball instead of moving the mouse.

Gaming Mouse

These are really fancy and expensive kinds of mice. They have extra buttons for games that gamers can customize personally. They usually come with RGB lighting and they are also more accurate.

Foot Mouse

This is not a joke, there really is something called Foot Mouse. This probably is the weirdest mouse on the list. Foot Mouse is used by your feet and in that way you don’t have to move your hand away from Keyboard.

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