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Top 5 browser extensions everyone must have

Internet browsers used to be very limited in their features. All they used to offer was a way to search through the web pages available on the internet.

Browser Extension
Browser Extension

But with time, everything related to computers and the internet has become more beautiful and simple. The same has happened with our internet browsers.

Browsers are not very simple and limited to browsing the internet anymore. There are lots of add-ons and extensions one can install in these browsers and customize their web experience.

What is an extension?

You can easily understand extension by an analogy of extensions with apps. As you have apps on your smartphones, browsers also have these apps called extensions. Every extension adds some special feature to your browsers.

For instance, you may take a lot of screenshots and you can always download an extension that saves screenshots of your webpage.

Similarly, extensions can do a lot of other things. But today, I will tell you about extensions that will be helpful for all of the people who use the internet.

Top 5 browser extensions


As the name suggests this extension is helpful for grammar and spelling correction. It is widely popular and very easy to use. You can easily install it in your browser. It not only tells you the mistakes but also gives you a one-click solution for each mistake. You will learn a great deal about writing while using this app.


Have you ever wanted an app that saves the articles, blogs, or web pages you want to read later? This extension will do exactly that for you. Anytime you want to save an article or a webpage just add it to your reading list through Readability. It also provides you a feature to eliminate distracting elements from web pages such as ads.

Gmail Offline

The name says it all, this is an offline version of Gmail. It doesn’t mean that this works completely offline. However, it will save all your actions while you are offline and will execute them as soon as you go online.


This app helps remove distractions from your internet browsing. You can always get into the trap of mindlessly going through social media. This helps you set a limit for a certain website or a webpage and will block it as soon as the time goes up. You will find it very helpful when you need to finish your work or your to-do list.

Awsome Screenshot

Some people search the internet for information. When they get the information they wanted, they have no good way to save it with them in image form. This Screenshot extension lets you crop and save the chunk of the webpage that you have for the future.

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