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All that you need to know about Google’s AR glasses

At the Google I/O conference, Google announced all the things that it has been working on for over a year. Google I/O conference first happened in 2008. An interesting thing to note is here is that Android was also announced at this conference only 14 years ago.

Google's AR glasses
Google’s AR glasses

Google has come very far from there. They have developed many great technologies and devices and now they are trying their hands on AR glasses.

Google didn’t tell much about them, but they announced these glasses at Google I/O 2022 and teased people with this announcement.

Google’s history with smart glasses

This is not the first time Google is trying to build smart glasses. It has done it in the past but failed miserably.

Those glasses came up with the name Google Glasses. Google Glasses failed due to various reasons. These are:

  • Low battery life – Google Glasses had very short battery life. It needed to be charged every 4 hours which makes it not so usable on day to day basis.
  • Heating issue – There was a camera to record videos but when you recorded a video for more than 10-15 minutes, Glasses would start heating intensely.
  • Price – There were so highly priced that very few individuals could buy them.
  • Vagueness over utility – Google was not able to clarify what is the specific use case of these glasses.
  • Language issue – It only understood English, so other language speakers naturally felt alienated.
  • Privacy concern – These glasses had cameras and mics which enabled Google to take pictures whenever it wants. This created a privacy concern in the mind of many people.

This time it is different

This time it will be different with the AR Glasses. Because Google doesn’t have the same approach it had with Google Glasses. This time they have come up with a solid use case.

They introduced them as a helping aid for deaf people and for the people who don’t understand a language. Glasses will have a display that will be able to show text to people and they will be able to read things that they can not listen to or understand (language barrier). This has also been explained by a video that Google showed at their conference.

Details are still unavailable

Although Google has announced these AR glasses they still haven’t shown any details about these glasses. Let’s hope they come out to be as good as Google claims them to be.

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