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How are poker hand calculator better than mind calculations? Read to know

Poker is a game of skill and chance. You need both the things on your side to win a poker hand. We know that poker is an ancient game and has been modified and adapted by the modern world too. There are various editions and versions of this game. Some of them are serious and suspenseful like Texas Hold’em and some are edgy like strip poker. Whatever the version is poker is always filled with fun. To learn the tricks of poker and understand the winning tricks you need to know how to calculate your odds. These days people use a poker hand calculator rather than mind calculation to understand the odds. Let’s take a deeper dive into this.

Mind Calculations

Why do you need to calculate the odds?

Poker is about twisting the odds in your favour. Poker odds are the probability of your winning possibilities. You need to calculate this before you start raising the bet. So why do you need to calculate the odds?

There are various reasons to calculate your poker hands:

  • To understand your bets. For instance, you have two cards that are of matching suits in your hand and you see two more of the same suit in the flop this means that you only need t draw one more for a sequence. This means you will have to only draw one more time. This helps you to understand your bets.
  • To figure out when you need to fold. When you calculate odds you are making decisions during your gameplay. When you are playing poker it is important to pick your chances. Not every time you can raise the best and take the chance, you need to strategically fold too. This will save your money and energy.
  • To maintain the thrill of the game. Poker is not just about betting it is also a game of skill. If you can calculate the odds it means you have developed skills for the game. This only comes with practice. When you are amidst bets and folds you need to analyse what the winning hand would be for the round. You can only understand this if you know how to use the calculator.

Now that you know why it is important to calculator the poker hands you now need to figure out if you want to use the online calculators or the depend on mental calculations.

4 Tricks for mind calculations 

The four simple tricks are:

Ratios and percentages

Usually, the pot odds are expressed through ratios and percentages. The end goal is to calculate and compare your bets to the pot money. This comparison is generally expressed using percentages too. Your pot odds ratio needs to comply with the pot equity. Professional plates usually prefer to calculator their odds indirect percentages. So that they do not have to convert every time. If your pot odds are lower than the pot equity you will know it’s time to fold. The less you best the more you profit. But this only applies when you strategically draw. This is one of the traditional ways t calculate.

Use your memory 

The easiest way to calculate the odds is to memorise and avoid complicated calculations. Take the advice from the professionals, they will say that there is no need to always sit with such calculations if you can simply memorise them. For example, if you bet 50 bucks in a 100 bucks pot then there is a 25% of probability of pot odds. Simple calculations and using your memory will get you a long way into this game. Therefore next time you play this game notice more and memorise your bets.

Visualise more 

Use your visualisation skills to keep up with the pot odds. If you bet around $25 in a $75 pot then you use your memory and draw a bar graph in your mind. If you imagine these into physical structures it makes it easier to imagine your pot odds in comparison to the pot equity.

Use the implied odds system 

The implied odds are the most complicated types of calculations. In poker, you might need these at anytime. Therefore it is important to at least have an idea about the implied odds system.

Best Poker Hand Calculators

As a poker player, you should know where to save time. Therefore you can use poker hand calculators online to help with these calculations:


A poker odds calculator from GetMega is designed to provide you with the required assistance while enjoying poker online. There are various types of poker calculators available, such as odds calculators, Poker probability calculators, and equity calculators. It is possible to select individual poker odds calculators such as the Texas Hold ‘Em calculator, which analyzes patterns that are specific to a Texas hold’em poker. You can use this to get better at your gameplay. In fact, it is available for android users and is free of cost as well.

Fast Poker Odds

This free app is available for the ISO only and is completely free. The Poker Odds is a very consumer-friendly platform for calculator poker hands. It has everything you need. The display resembles a solitaire game but is useful for poker. You simply need to click on the opponent player and drag your cards into the board. Simply dragging the cards will get you speedy results.

Enterra Poker Calculator

Another free app for both android and IOS users. It is also one of the top apps. You can use voice control to get the results. That’s how modern this app is!

What is better Online Calculator or mind calculations?

Calculating your odds in poker involves a number of factors, such as the pot odds, implied odds, odds on draws, opponent’s odds on draws, a number of opponents, the spread of hands, and future implied odds, to name just a few. Currently, everything is online therefore it is always better to take an advantage of that. Use these calculators for your next game and save time and energy. Traditional players will still prefer mind calculations but it depends on you. These calculators are accurate and easy to use.

GetMega not only offers you the calculator but lets you play poker online. Win real cash and play in a secure environment. You can also relish other exciting games like rummy and pool. GetMega is the best online gaming platform to enjoy some fun time. The website’s interface has jiffy graphics and a smooth gaming experience that makes the games available all the more interesting.

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