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PC Vs MAC: What should you buy?

Some people have this confusion about whether they should buy a PC or MAC. Either of them can be a great choice for some or can be a very bad choice for others.


To decide what you should buy you should look at various aspects. In this article, we will look at some such aspects which would make it clear, what you should buy.

Read this article till the end to understand what will be best for you.


Things to keep in mind before choosing MAC or PC

Your budget – If you are low on budget, go with a PC. MACs are generally high priced and even the base variant would cost you a lot of money. The good thing with a PC is that you can upgrade the hardware anytime you want to.

Other devices that you have – If you are not a part of the Apple ecosystem, in other words, if you don’t use any other Apple devices, it will be hard for you to use your devices with MACs. Apple makes it harder to connect another device to their devices so that people eventually get trapped in their ecosystem. However, if you own a Macbook and iPhone, you should go for a MAC, it will be a better choice.

Learning curve – It depends on past experience. If you have past experience with MAC OS, you will like to go with MACs but if you haven’t used it before, you may find it hard to learn it. But using an OS can be learned in a couple of days so it is not a big deal if you have some important work that can only be done on MACs.

Applications that you want to use – Some applications are not available on MACs. There are some other applications that are exclusive to MACs so you won’t be able to use them with PCs. This can be a very important factor for you so keep this in mind before making a decision.

Hardware configuration choice – PCs offer a very wide variety of choices when it comes to the choice of parts. On the other hand, there are limited choices that you have when you buy a MAC.

Which one is better for gamers – Apple clearly does not like gamers. They have never given attention to them and they don’t give any kind of support to people who want to play games on their MACs. So if you are a gamer, don’t buy a MAC.

PC vs Consoles: What should you buy?

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