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4 things to keep in mind before you install Linux on your PC

Linux has been becoming very popular these days. People think cool about using Linux. There are various people who are pushing this idea that Linux is good and they tell various benefits of Linux.

Linux on PC
Linux on PC

Although Linux has some really great and compelling features. You should keep certain things in mind before switching to Linux. Linux may not be an operating system for you so don’t make a decision in hurry.

4 things to keep in mind before switching to Linux

Technical knowledge

Linux has come very far. They have become more user-friendly. Still, there can be situations where you would have to have some technical knowledge to make things work. For instance, installing software is not so easy in some Linux versions. You may have to use a terminal for various purposes and someone who does not like to get into all this hassle should try to stay away from Linux.

Drivers issue

Most people face some kind of driver issue with Linux. The headphone jack may not be working for some and others may be crying over an issue USB driver. These kinds of problems are very common in Linux operating systems. So if you have some device that is very rare and is hard to get a driver for, then make sure you get drivers for it before installing Linux.


Various hardware equipment is not completely compatible with Linux. It can also be an issue for you, so better to make sure all your hardware is compatible with Linux before installing it.


If you leave the popular Linux operating systems, all other Linux operating systems are not very well polished if compared with Windows. They need work before they can be used by normal Windows users.

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