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4 Good uses of your old USB Drives

You may have old USB drives lying around that do not use now because of some reason. Maybe they are low on storage or maybe they are not as fast as new drives. Whatever the case may be, you just don’t have a use case for them.

Uses of Old USB
Uses of Old USB

If you are thinking about throwing them, then don’t do it. In this article, you will know various amazing things that you can do with these old USB drives.

After all, it is always good to reuse old electronic devices rather than just throwing them away.

4 uses of your Old USB drives

Run Linux on it

Most Linux operating systems are very light. You can easily install them on 8GB or 16GB drives. They have solid use cases. For example, your operating system gets corrupt but you urgently need to do some work that requires a PC. You can do that by simply plugging in the USB which has Linux installed on it. You won’t have to install anything on the PC. It will run even if the Hard disk or SSD of that computer is corrupt. It will come in handy when you need an operating system urgently. Another use case can be that you have gone outside without your computer, but you want to run things on your interface, with this Linux OS on your USB, you can run it on any computer.

Make a bootable drive for Windows

Corrupt Windows are a usual thing. But it gets annoying when you don’t have a bootable Windows drive to immediately install the Windows again. Also, it becomes hard to make a bootable drive immediately if you don’t have another computer. Your old USB may become your savior in these cases. Convert that into a bootable drive for the future. As soon as the Windows gets corrupt, plug in that USB drive and it will hardly take 30-45 minutes to install a fresh copy of Windows. After installation, you are good to go.

Use it as a backup storage device for your Smartphone

Smartphone storage fills up pretty fast these days. If you think that it is a problem with you, carry your old Pendrive and an OTG cable where you go. As soon as your Phone’s memory gets full transfer the data to the Pendrive this way you will be able to use your smartphone’s storage for a much longer time.

Install portable apps

There may be some apps you can’t live without. For a writer, it may be his writing software. For some other person, it may be his browser. For someone else, it may be his photo editor. Whatever that personal app is, you just need it but you also travel very frequently without a PC. Portable apps can help you with this problem. Install your apps from the site of Portable apps to your USB drive and run them wherever you go. In cyber cafes, in a friend’s home, anywhere, you just need a PC with Windows.

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