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PayPal Earning App List 2022-2023

Today we are going to tell you about the PayPal Earning App List, using which you can earn paypal cash every day. Below we have given the list of PayPal Earning App and complete information about them, so that you can select your favorite app.

PayPal Earning App List
PayPal Earning App List

Go Daily

Go daily gives the money in a PayPal account or any other account after completing some small tasks. They also do not ask for much investment. Users just need to download some new apps, and they will get some money for downloading and registering on the particular app. It also gives daily rewards for just visiting the app. People can withdraw of minimum 50Rs amount.

App Flame

People can earn money by downloading some recommended games in the app. Apart from this, you can also play Paypal Games in the app which gives real money. Registering the app after downloading is a must-thing to win. People can change those coins in their real money and can transfer it to their PayPal or another account. Games like the slot-type game are also available in the app, for winning some amount by luck.

Pocket Money

The app is trustable and has already been downloaded by millions of people. The app gives some game coins to users after completing some tasks. The task can be watching some videos, downloading the app, and referring to their friends. It gives a decent amount of cash. The withdrawal in a PayPal account also does not take much time. People can also recharge their phone instantly from the app.

Roz Dhan

The app gives money for doing tasks like reading the newspaper, inviting friends, playing games, winning contests, downloading some apps, and also by just walking. People can win a big amount of money if they just complete all tasks properly. It’s a popular app in India. People can easily withdraw with the help of Paypal or other accounts; it will take some hours to transfer the money.


The app not only gives money but also helps people to become entrepreneurs. People can earn money by just reselling things, like clothes. You can put the image of the product with a good description, and if people buy that product, you can get a good amount of money by just selling one thing. People can earn 25000 RS per month with just this app. The option of transferring money to a PayPal account is also available.


It’s an online tutoring platform, which gives money for teaching students. It not only gives money but also enhances your teaching skills. The app is not only available in India, but all over the world. If your work is liked by the WONK team, they will make you a certified teacher, and then you will get a huge amount of money. The money can be transferred easily to any account like PayPal. A thing which is a must here to earn money is a graduation degree.

Google Opinion Rewards

It’s another popular app for earning money in your PayPal account. Signup in the app after downloading, and start attempting different surveys. People can earn 32 Rs by just answering some questions. Always answer genuinely, and remember your previous answers because sometimes apps also trick you by asking repetitive questions to check if you are doing surveys genuinely or not.


The app gives money and also does free recharges by just completing the task. The task can be like visiting some websites, watching videos, affiliate links, or also downloading apps. The app is also popular for its refer and earn feature. You can easily link the app to your PayPal account.   The offer of free data is available for all types of mobile networks. It’s available for Android and IOS mobile phones.

Cash Karma

The app can give regular cash to its users. It’s a popular app in India for earning money by some simple tasks and without investing money. People can earn money by doing surveys or by watching videos on the app. The app can give many rewards or some gift cards as a winning. People can easily transfer their money to their PayPal account.


It’s a popular app for earning money in the world. It not only gives the cash reward but can also give amazing gift cards. More than 10,000 gift cards get redeemed in the app daily. People can earn money in this by surveys, or also by discovering some new content or products. The cash can easily get transferred to your account, like in the PayPal account. The app also gives a $10 welcome bonus to its new users.

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